09 February 2013

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Know 16 facts about Rudra Helicopter made in India for Indian Arm forces

Know 16 facts about Rudra Helicopter made in India for Indian Arm forces 

Name – Rudra aka ALH-WSI

Role – Attack Helicopter

Made by - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Country – India

Developed from – HAL Dhruv

Primary Users - Indian Army, Air force, and Navy

Rudra is an armed version of HAL Dhruv.

Rudra is equipped with Forward Looking Infra-Red and Thermal Imaging Sights Interface, a 20 mm turret gun, 70 mm rocket pods, Anti-tank guided missiles and Air-to-Air Missiles.

February 8, 2013 - The first indigenously built Weapon System Integrated (WSI) helicopter Rudra (ALH WSI Mk-IV) was handed over to the Indian Army by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on Friday at the ongoing Aero India 2013.

The Rudra is the Mk-IV variant of Advanced Light Helicopter

Rudra is fitted with three sighting systems i.e., electro-optic pod, helmet mounted sight and fixed sight.

A 20-mm turret gun is fitted in the nose of the helicopter and the combination of 70-mm rockets, air-to-air missiles and anti-tank guided missiles can be fitted on the four weapon stations.

HAL has been awarded with an order of 76 ALH Mk-IV from Indian army (primary customer) and Indian air force combined. Reportedly, the weapons platforms and avionics of HAL Rudra and Light Combat Helicopter are the same.

Rudra Unarmed Roles –
Unarmed roles

a)Heliborne assault
b)Logistic support
d)Air observation post
e)Casualty evacuation
f)    Training

Rudra Armed Roles –

a)    Anti-tank warfare (ATW)
b)    Close air support
c)    Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
d)    Anti-Surface Vessel (ASV)

Rudra Variants –

Rudra or ALH-WSI (Weapon Systems Integrated) has two main versions.
A-Mark III
This has Electronic Warfare, countermeasures, sensors and targeting systems installed, but does not feature weapons.

b- Mark IV
This would have a French Nexter 20 mm turret gun, Belgian 70 mm rockets, and MBDA air to air and air to ground missiles, such as the anti-tank Helina missile.

Photo of Attack Helicopter Rudra made by HAL

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

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MEcoy February 09, 2013  

this a very informative post and
that was a hell of a ride haha

Destination Infinity February 09, 2013  

I hope HAL starts exporting these vehicles (to friendly countries - govt) more aggressively. Some foreign exchange coming into India, always helps.

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga February 10, 2013  

Thank for the information.Only a superficial diagram we get from news papers.