24 February 2013

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Five Facts Like Congress BJP Follows Believes in Dynastic Rule Family Rule

Five Facts Like Congress BJP Follows Believes in Dynastic Rule Family Rule

Everyone knows that Congress has policy of son to daughter to son and son, the political post chair travels from one generation to next generation.

Other political parties criticize this but in reality nearly  all political parties follow same rule
Son to daughter to son to daughter.

Latest example is BJP

National president Rajnath Singh's son Pankaj, who entered the state working committee during Surya Pratap Shahi's regime as secretary and was shortly elevated to the post of general secretary,

Former chief minister Kalyan Singh's son Rajbir Singh has been made vice-president of the party.

Former chief minister Kalyan Singh daughter-in-law Premlata - appointed member of working committee.

Lucknow Member of Parliament and senior party leader Lalji Tandon's son Gopal Tandon, who was secretary in the last working committee, has been elevated to the post of vice-president

BJP leader Premlata Katiyar - His daughter Neelima Katiyar – secretary

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

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MEcoy February 24, 2013  

interesting facts sm

virendra sharma February 24, 2013  

आपकी टिपण्णी हमें प्रासंगिक बनाए रहती है ,ऊर्जित करती है

बद अच्छा बदनाम बुरा ,

बिन पैसे इंसान बुरा

काम सभी का एक ही है

पर कांग्रेस का नाम बुरा .

NC Sinha February 25, 2013  

It only goes to show that they are all naked under their shirts and pants.

rudraprayaga February 25, 2013  

Everywhere dynasty even in movie world. It shows that on 120 or more crore of people have no calibre in leading a country other than one family.You always find the truth.