06 February 2013

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Band Pragaash girls only Kashmiri Band Quits is it death of Indian Democracy

Band Pragaash girls only Kashmiri Band Quits is it death of Indian Democracy

Pragaash, means light
Pragaash  means to travel from darkness to light

Pragaash performed in public for the first time in December at a "Battle of the Bands" organized by an Indian paramilitary force.
It won third place.

The three girls all class 10 students had made their first public performances in December last year and won best performance awards. The threats have ranged from rape to murder

The girls competed with the boys and they got third place

Two days after their public performance, a Facebook page Kashmir News posted a photograph of all band members with caption stating:
"Personally, I consider them as shameless and spoiled brats?

After that many comments were made and one comment read like this
Sample comment –

"post this status in advance. The three band girls raped Jammu. And thrown in river."

The girls –
vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir, drummer Farah Deeba and guitarist Aneeka Khalid - were showered with lewd comments and threats in social media

PTI reported that
Kashmir's Grand Mufti (head priest) Mufti Bashiruddin on Sunday issued a fatwa on the band stating that
"Girls are responsible for the rape.
They should be in their limits.
They must wear the veil at all times.
They can sing inside their homes.
They should not sing in public.
They are giving bad signals to men,"
I have advised these girls, and other Muslims as well, to stay within the limits of modesty as prescribed for them,"

Hurriyat Conference (Geelani faction) were in support of the comments and fatwa issued by Mufti Bashiruddin .

After reading all do you think the orders are same like Talibani Organizations?

Under which law one can issue a Fatwa?

Issuing Fatwa do you think it is legal or illegal in India?

If Issuing Fatwa is not legal then do you think Police case be registered?

Who will protect the Freedom of Speech and Profession in India?

After the Fatwa the teen band decided to quit the music.

Jammu and Kashmir Police on Monday registered an open FIR against several Facebook users, who had issued threats to the all-girl rock band of the Valley on the social networking site.

A police spokesman said that FIR was registered under Section 66 A of the IT Act and under Section 506 RPC (criminal intimidation) has been registered in police station Rajbagh.

Do you think this is another example which shows that democracy is in India is weak?

There is no democracy in India

We got only limited democracy.

Slaves got the limited rights in olden times.

Watch the video of the all-girls band Pragaash girls performing singing
May be last time
As they have decided to quit music reason you know it

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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Rachit February 06, 2013  

democracy is dieing a silent death in our country... we are giving up to intolerant morons. And, yeah issuing Fatwa's are legal in India under the Muslim law board. Sad but true.

Weakest LINK

रविकर February 06, 2013  

बैंड बजा देगी खबर, असर प्रभावी होय |
नई पीढ़ियाँ तोड़ के, देंगी धर्म बिलोय |
देंगी धर्म बिलोय , अगर ऐसा ही होता |
आजादी ले छीन, पुरानी पद्धति ढोता |
करिए क्रमिक सुधार, राय अपनी दे जाओ |
लेकिन हरगिज नहीं, जोर अपना अजमाओ |

virendra sharma February 06, 2013  

IS J & K a part of India ?

MEcoy February 06, 2013  

i just hope democracy would still prevails