21 February 2013

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AP Hyderabad Two Bomb Blast 15 Killed more than 32 Injured

AP Hyderabad Two Bomb Blast 15 Killed more than 32 Injured
Updated on Thursday, February 21, 2013
 9.09PM IST
On Thursday, Two explosions took place opposite a movie theatre at Dilsukhnagar bus station in Hyderabad

The explosions are said to have occurred at Dilsukh Nagar area of the city near a bus stop.

The blasts happened near Konark and Venkatadri Movie Theater.

The blasts happened simultaneously at around 7pm.

The first blast occurred at 7:01 pm.

Still no group has claimed the responsibility of bomb blast.

Why there was no CCTV installed by Government?

Why there is always failure  to stop the bomb blast before the actual blast.

Always they say we got little bit information but why can not stop the terror attacks?

What America can do it we can not do it why ?

I can say 100% President Obama does not take bribes can we name any Indian Politician with 100% guarantee that He does not take bribes or saving bribes takers, or ignoring them is also like taking bribe.

Updated on Thursday, February 21, 2013
9.09 PM IST
NIA has reached to the spot and they are collecting evidence.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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MEcoy February 21, 2013  

I hope justice will prevail for the victims

deeps February 22, 2013  

the blast saga begins again...

rudraprayaga February 24, 2013  

What America can do Indians don't want to do.Here only cash for vote policy prevails.Politicians want only votes. Whatever malice they practise,that does not matter.