12 January 2013

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Understanding Concept of Ram Rajya Ram Rajya and Indian governemnt and Polices and Poliicians

Understanding Concept of Ram Rajya Ram Rajya  and Indian governemnt and Polices and Politicians

The story of Ram is written in many languages and they contain different stories or incidents but idea is same.

Vanar is a  human tribe and not a monkey tribe with whose help Ram kills Ravan the kidnapper of Seeta the wife of Ram.
Hanuman, Bali , Sugreev  all belong to Vanar tribe.

Ram Katha is life story of king Ram, God Ram.

King Ram was a good husband or bad husband this is not the topic.
Already regarding that court case was filed as in India we Indian citizens got limited democracy speak only good words
Avoid to say bitter truth or discuss truth.

Majority Indians say we want Ram Rajya, but they do not know what is the Ram Rajya and majority time no one ever tries to understand it and no one tells them.

Rajya means kingdom, nation, country, state  governance

As per King Ram what is the need and object of establishing  kingdom , government, rulers , executives, and arm forces?

To save the money of country one needs establishment of government

To safeguard government , government needs arm forces

arm forces need the money, everyone needs the money so business is required

Which money is good , the money, which comes from the harassment of citizens, is a bad money government should avoid such money.

Good money comes from good causes, good methods, and honest methods.

They are related with each other.
Citizens, country, money, need of government , arm forces, and business.

What is Ram Rajya?

Ram is the name of king who is considered as God in India.

Rajya means governance

How the king or Prime Minister, chief minister and government officials should run the kingdom that is state or nation.

Duties and responsibilities of PM, CM government machinery, finance department etc.

Because of Old Age of the father of Ram, his father gave him indirectly responsibilities of king so from very young age the training of Ram as a future king was started by his father.

Ram used to get early in morning at 4 am and he went to meet the citizens of his country every day, 365 days

Why Ram went to meet citizens of his country early in the morning?

Ram went to meet the citizens of his country every day to understand the problems of common people and then he went back to his king father to tell him and his council of ministers what the problems the country men are facing, not only this he used to give guidance to the ministers as well as learn from seniors and he even gave orders to solve the problems.

Today how many Politicians do this and meet the common citizens without any police force and military.

Ram used to meet his citizens without any police force and fear.

So if some Politician comes to meet you with Z category Police force do you think he understands what Ram Rajya is?

What is the concept of Justice given by king Ram?

This is told by Ram when he was leaving to forest as per orders of his king father.

As per Ram Justice means

1)    To fight for the rights of other humans

2)    To safeguard the right of other humans

Adding this Ram tells to council of Ministers or citizens of his country that

What is selfishness or what is bad?

The person who fights for his own rights all the time ignoring others or rights of powerless humans.

Father king ordered Ram to go and stay in forest for 14 years and to safe guard the right of his father and his promise Ram goes to live in forest for 14 years.

Remember when this happens Ram is so popular that on his one word, the complete nation would have revolted against king and Ram would have become the king.
Ram enjoys support of military and citizens of his country but still he decides to obey the order of his father and he prepares to leave for the forest.
Majority citizens say become king but Ram leaves for forest.

Ram safe guards the commitment of his father, his father gave promise to step mother of Ram because of that promise the father of Ram orders Ram to leave the country and go to forest.
All the citizens of country and military accompanies Ram until he reaches to the forest
border of country.


Ram says that good king or Prime Minister never sleeps in afternoon.
He has no right to sleep in afternoon time and he should wake up early in the morning four am.

As per king Ram king or Prime Minister or President who lives lavishly, spends lavishly enjoys all the pleasures of life such king , Prime Minister , President will never understand the pain , problems of his citizens.

The king or Prime Minister or President will understand the pain and problems of common people only when Prime Minister or President will live the life like common person and will stay like common citizens.

If king or Prime Minister or President enjoys his life, lavishly such Prime Minister will never understand how big the problem is.

Ram says that Prime Minister chief minister anyone who rules the country will only understand the problem of common citizens if that ruler goes and stays among the common people and faces the same problems only then he will understand what is pain and problems of citizens.

If Rulers of nation stay in big houses and enjoy the servants, good food, good drinks great life, and then such rulers will never understand the pain of common citizens, as they do not know what pain is.

Eg. Indian Politicians does not spend a day in Rs. 32 for whole year that is reason they happily declare that if any Indian citizens spends daily a half American dollar that Indian citizen is very rich Indian he does not need any government help.

King Ram married  Seeta, and no one knows about the caste and religion of Seeta,
Ram married her without finding her caste and religion.

So how many people follow this and are ready to marry girl without knowing her caste and religion.

So if you marry by looking caste and religion of a girl do you think you accept Ram as your God?

So if you marry a boy looking his caste and religion then do you think you really follow the God Ram or you understood the Ram.

Ram goes to forest and stays in forest.

Ram is master of warfare. No one can defeat him.

As Ram starts to stay in forest he starts to help the people who stay in forest, he kills the bad people and makes the life of forest people joyful.

He does not become the king of forest tribe but he changes the ineligible tribe leaders and gives them good leaders and good rulers.

Today our Politicians how they behave?

They send their kids to good developed  countries like USA , UK those kids enjoy there and when they returned to India, these politicians declares them as leaders of party and they become the chief minister or enjoy some good position in government in one or other way.

Our Indian Politicians sell the lands of forest people to corporations using power of laws and did not even give them proper settlement.


Prime Minister should take advice from whom?

King or Prime Minister should take advice from such people who are not dependent on the money paid by government, they should be independent.

When king or Prime Minister gives money to advisors  then such advisors will say what king or Prime Minister likes , they will support the wrong thinking of Prime Minister.

Dependent adviser will support the thinking of Prime Minister even if that thinking is not good for the country.

A good advisor is one who is independent and he who does not need money from government.
His living is not dependent on Government salary and payments and offers.


Ram says that if  government projects do not start on time then there is no progress.


Ram says that good king or Prime Minister will support always-good quality and not the quantity.

Today what is happening in India all the politicians are running behind votes and supporting quantity and not the quality of human or quality of work.


Regarding Corruption Ram says that  in good government there should not be more than 1 or 2% corruption.

Today in India when government spends 10O Rs. Only 20 or 25 Rs are spent on citizens,
Corruption amount is Rs.75 to 80 Rs.

One Prime Minister in India said that when government spends Rs. 100 in that Rs.85 go corruption and only Rs. 15 towards project or in the hands of poor Indian citizens.

Ram says that  good king or politician spends  85 % money from government treasury, taxes on citizens and spends  15% on his government expenses.

Today exact opposite is happening in India, just watch carefully Budget and you will understand that more funds are spend on politicians and less on citizens.

Do you think the so-called Ram worshipers really worship God Ram from heart.


Ram says that a good king or good Prime Minister always takes the advice from his citizens, he involves the citizens in everything, and he listens to citizens and their advices.

Today in India all government meeting are held behind doors, all laws are made in closed rooms,

Citizens in India do not have any right or opportunity to participate in law making process.


Regarding Arm forces, Ram says that  the army of good king is always ready to fight and all the weapons are in good condition and army is ready to fight or start a war with enemy at any time.

Ram says that  good prime minister always keeps a war policy ready with him so any time he can defeat the enemy.


Ram says that if citizens of country are afraid of everything in such a case there is no good government , there is no Ram Rajya,  in this freedom of speech also comes,  safety of male and female both comes,

Today what is condition in India, everyone is afraid to speak, females are afraid to travel, even males are afraid to travel.
In short, majority are afraid of everything even afraid of living.


Ram says that  good government sees that  every citizen gets water supply daily.

Today in India 50%, villages do not have water supply.

In cities citizens  purchase  filtered water bottles
and now and then one need to phone and order the water tanker.


Regarding food stock Ram says that all the warehouses should be full of food always.

Today what is happening in India, we do not have warehouses, we are so weak that we have to invite outsiders and ask them to build warehouses so we can store the food in that.

How many times you heard that government is importing oil, importing food grains

Where is Ram Rajya?


Ram says that good  Purohit is one does not work for money, they do not charge money.


Ram says that Good king or Prime Minister is one who is ready to accept truth and his failures.

Ram says that Good King or Prime Minister never becomes upset or angree on his citizens.

Here Ram gives the freedom of speech to citizens.

Today  where is freedom of speech, one tweet, or one facebook comment will land any citizen in jail.


Good King or Good Prime Minister, Chief Minister and rule makers are one who does not use the government money for own pleasures.
Good rule makers save the money and that saved money is spent on the citizens of country.

Today what is happening.

Politicians live 7 star life style, their parties and meeting are 5 star meetings.

Now hope you understood what Ram Rajya, Ram Government is

If you do not find Ram Rajya today in India then

Do you think you really think Ram is your God from heart

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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MEcoy January 13, 2013  

a very informative post sm

Destination Infinity May 06, 2014  

Interesting points. Even Chanakya has written Arthashastra or the art of governance. But our people are least interested to follow the example set by great people who lived so many centuries before us.

Destination Infinity