30 January 2013

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Anna Hazare launched Jantantra Morcha Know more about Jantantra Morcha

Anna Hazare launched Jantantra Morcha Know more about Jantantra Morcha

Anna Hazare started his nationwide rally Jantantra Morcha to fight for common people and Corruption

The Jantantra rally from Patna's historic Gandhi Maidan is Anna Hazare's first after Team Anna broke up.

Anna Hazare started his nationwide anti-graft campaign Jantantra rally from Patna's historic Gandhi Maidan.

Former army chief General V K Singh also joined Hazare in his fight against corruption.

Kiran Bedi, “waterman” Rajendra Singh, activist PV Rajagopal and Jilani Kartar Singh of the World Sufi Council attended the rally.

Gen V K Singh said that if nothing was done by the government in the next six months, an unprecedented movement would be launched under the leadership of Anna.

Anna Hazare in his speech said that we have decided to form a country-wide organization, Jantantra Morcha,"

Jantantra Morcha would work for people's causes, including eradicating corruption
Jantantra Morcha would fight for

Jan Lokpal

the right to reject a poll candidate

the right to recall a candidate who fails those who have elected him

strengthening the Right to Information Act

electoral reform

decentralization of power

Anna said that we will not participate in elections. 

We will only work to awaken people and organize them to fight for their rights and for justice,"

Anna said that “I don’t know if I will succeed in stirring 120 million countrymen. But, this time, I am going to mobilize six crore people.”
“They will confront the government before the elections.
It will have to accept the demand for Jan Lokpal or bow out of power.”

There are 163 tainted MPs in the Parliament,"
he said. "If they pass the bill, 15 ministers will have to go to jail."

Further Anna said that "Nobody should damage any national property in the name of agitation,"

Watch the video Anna Taking Oath with supporters to make India of Gandhi's dream

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Destination Infinity January 31, 2013  

I hope people will whole heartedly support them, like how they did the last time. Good that you are highlighting the efforts taken by Anna-ji, SM. Keep us updated about this movement.

Destination Infinity