17 December 2012

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RTI activist Urvashi Sharma sent a legal notice to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

RTI activist Urvashi Sharma sent a legal notice to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Right to Information act is a powerful act because of which politicians are afraid of doing corruption or afraid that Right to information act will expose them.

Because of this, day and night Indian politicians think or try to find a way to make Right to Information act a useless act by introducing new amendments to the act.

Right to Information act is a gift of Anna Hazare to Indian citizens.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech at the 7th annual convention of information commissioners in Delhi October 2012 used the words or said following terms regarding Right to Information Act

"Frivolous and vexatious use of the RTI Act"

There are concerns about frivolous and vexatious use of the (RTI) Act in demanding information, the disclosure of which cannot possibly serve any public purpose,"

Concerns have also been raised regarding possible infringement of personal privacy while providing information under the Right to Information Act."

After hearing above comment and views of Indian Prime Minister Right to information activist
Urvashi Sharma filed an RTI application with the office of Central Information Commission (CIC) asking for information on all such applications that were personal in nature and were made to hog the limelight.

After this in a letter, Director and Nodal CPIO-Central Information Commission Pankaj Shreyaskar informed Urvashi Sharma "no information in this regard is available with the commission".

After getting such reply now Right to information activist Sharma has send a notice to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and has asked him
"Either put the documentary evidences to support your statement before the nation or take your words back and issue a public apology".

Sharma told to media that she would move to court if Singh does not withdraw his statement or apologize within 60 days,

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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Apanatva December 17, 2012  

one should be proud of Urvashi Sharma......
thanks Sm .
Your blog is outstandig......

BK Chowla, December 18, 2012  

There is a limit to which people,especially,the youth can take non sense