26 December 2012

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King of Fear Osama Bin Laden Paid Bribe Rs.50, 000 Why

King of Fear Osama Bin Laden Paid Bribe Rs.50, 000 Why

No one can escape from the power of government officials and demands of bribe,
Latest revelation is   most wanted terrorist of the world Osama bin Laden paid bribe to Pakistani Patwaris.

Osama Bin laden paid bribe of Rs.50, 000 to build a house in Abbottabad.

US seal team killed Osama after killing him they took many documents and diaries.

Osama used to write the diary daily.

But one diary was found by Pakistani Government officials in which Osama had described that he had to bribe the revenue officials for construction of his compound.

Details of the bribe emerged after Pakistani officials translated a diary that was written and kept  by bin Laden.

Pakistani Patwari or Revenue officials were paid bribes with the permission of Osama.

Osama was allowed to construct a three-storey house with 14-feet high outside wall and erect iron fence on it

Whenever you pay bribe for any job that clearly shows that the law is made in such a way that government official should get a bribe.

It is very easy for government to make perfect laws which will reduce 90% of corruption but when government itself is corrupt from top to bottom never expect a perfect and good law from them.

If you pay bribe then you should say that top to bottom government is corrupt.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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aativas December 26, 2012  

Rather obvious and expected.

Sam December 26, 2012  

Seems no one escapes the greed of some government officials

MEcoy December 27, 2012  

this is quite a troublesome news

Destination Infinity December 27, 2012  

LOL. I wonder if Politicians also pay bribes to get things done?

Destination Infinity