20 December 2012

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Is it Possible to Give Death Punishment for Rape 10 Reforms to Reduce the Crime of Rape

Is it Possible to Give Death Punishment for Rape  10 Reforms to Reduce the Crime of Rape

From ancient times from the era of Gods,  we know about Rape.

Now a day’s media and society is talking about giving a death penalty for rape.

What will happen when Death Penalty becomes a  normal Punishment for crime of Rape.

Do you think Death Punishment , fear of capital punishment will reduce the crime of rape.

Fear of capital punishment or death punishment will not reduce the crime of rape.

Once the death punishment becomes a normal punishment for rape, then in such cases  rapist  person will murder the girl whom he has raped.

After all, for murder punishment is  death punishment.

For rape,  punishment is  murder.

And it is not possible  to give a same person death punishment second time.

And because of this a man who has raped a girl will think that now the girl will report to police and he may get a death punishment if found guilty ,
then he will think it’s better to kill, murder the girl 
so girl will not tell anyone about the rape
and he will destroy the evidence of rape by killing the girl.

Sex with Consent and Then Rape.

Many times   male and female both enjoy the sex and later on when male says he will not marry her, in such cases females file the case of rape against the man.

Rape will become a tool in the hands of few females who will start to black mail.

On International forum, also India has made a promise that Capital Punishment will be abolished in India.

It is not possible to give death Punishment for the crime of rape.

So what lawmaker’s politicians need to do to reduce the crime of Rape in India?

Suspend the police officers who think that female or her dress is responsible for the rape even if female walks nude on the road no male has right to rape her or touch her or abuse her.

Give the training to male and female police officers that Female is not responsible for the rape.

Increase the Police Force

Increase the number of Police Van in each city.

Make it Compulsory that  Police No. 100 or any one number will be attended 24 hours  for this start a   Call Center and give the contract to each political party so it will save time on discussions to start a call center or not

Make  a law that  Police Van will reach to the crime spot within 10 Minutes as soon as  call center receives the  crime complaint if Police Van does not reach suspend the police officers who were in that Van.

It is Possible because of GPS and Increase in Number of Police Van. One Police Van for  per  Kilometer

Rape Cases should be heard by Fast Track Courts only which will give punishment to rapist in 1 month of time and each higher court will give judgment in a period of 1 month thus  rapist will get final punishment speedily.

Provision of Compensation to victim of rape and Punishment should 100 Years with no Provision of Parole or Bail whatever may be the reason ,  Law should clearly say that Only a dead body of a rapist will come out of Jail.

Gang Rape = 100% Proof = Death Penalty No one can give the life to person who is given death punishment because of false evidence.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Sandhya December 20, 2012  

Death sentence means he won't have time to repent. The fast track courts should harm their body so badly that they will never think of raping or hurting any woman. And this should be publicised via every media.

Haryana rape cases are dead now.

deeps December 20, 2012  

This is a debatable subject. I have always stood for capital punishment. There is no point in imprisoning someone for 20 or 100 years… who gains what out of it? The government or tax payers are feeding him ultimately. 1 year of rigorous, solitary-cell punishment after which hang him, the duration would be enough to make him regret & lament.
As for those points, most of them make sense. But don’t you think they are pointing fingers at police or law. Stil we are not doing anything to prevent or avert rapes.
Your first point is valid, even a nude body shouldn’t attract wicked eyes, but my question is why create such a scene?

MEcoy December 20, 2012  

honestly i never liked that kind of sentence i mean we are all just human we are never given by god a right to kill anybody no matter how bad he may be