29 December 2012

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Delhi Gang Rape Victim Dies in Singapore will she get justice in 1 year or 25 year

Delhi Gang Rape Victim Dies in Singapore will she get justice in 1 year or 25 year

On December 16, the victim and her male friend were traveling in a public bus after watching a film in evening.

In public bus, six persons raped the girl and beat her with iron rods and her friend.

After that, they stripped both of them thrown off the bus.

After that, Police arrested all six accused.

First victim was admitted in New Delhi hospital

After ten days, she was admitted in o the Mount Elizabeth hospital.

Then she was flown to Singapore.

Problem in India is

Attitude of Politicians, Police, male, and female who think that
Female is responsible for rape.

But they never realize that who is responsible for the rape of 3-year girl or 70-year-old female.

Dress is never responsible for a rape.

In India, we do not have any accountability for politicians as well as police officers.

I am talking about result-oriented accountability what is the use of suspension when one can join his job once citizens forget the crime of Police department officials.

Indian system is failed 100%

Political system 100% failed
Investigation system 100% failed
Judiciary = Justice delayed Justice denied thus fail.

Indian citizens are good but when system is failed,
no one dares to say truth because of fear
we d not help dying male or female on road.

Because in our heart everyone knows that if  help they will get arrested as a criminals or may get labeled as accused and will face harassment
And no one will come to help them

In India  mental harassment is not taken seriously for me its not even crime to harass someone if you got a power and chair.

India needs very strict laws and accountability for Politicians and everyone

Otherwise, nothing is going to change.
Even if rapist is given a death punishment, nothing will change.

Now in this case victim has died

After how many years you think the criminals will get death punishment.

1 year or 10 year or 25 years?

Will they get pardon from President of India after 10 years?

Few weeks back in Mumbai, this happened one older woman became friend with a young man, they both enjoyed sex
Later the daughter came to know about the sexual relationships of her mother and then
Older woman reported to police that she was raped.

But later she withdrew complaint and told to police the reality about their relationship.

Demand Police Reforms not a death punishment

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Renu December 29, 2012  

This is a very serious problem and should be tackle from all sides, good law and order and some morality and the society..

Usha December 29, 2012  

Her survival was difficult...how it happened in busy city? Why such an innocent young girl has to face this cruel rape?

Something is terribly going wrong with human mind..lack of fear is the main cause...I agree with your thoughts and seriously wish that Govt. brings immediate changes in law and action...Entire world is under trauma...my heart goes for the family of girl and all rape victims....there is no healing for this suffering.

MEcoy December 29, 2012  

wel justice here in our country was hard to find as well
most of the sinners are enjoying there freedom because of money

DWei December 29, 2012  

And one more reason not to visit India anytime soon.

Bikram December 29, 2012  

Such a SHAME for each indian.. wherever he/she is residing


aativas December 29, 2012  

She will unfortunately never get justice .. what is justice when there is no life? We all are in a way responsible for what happened. Let us work in a way so that it never happens tomorrow!

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 30, 2012  

Dignity is an important necessity for all. Delhi people have pride. Many have prejudiced thoughts.
Undignified people have no right to pass this behavior to next generation. Hence chemical castration should be applied on rapists. Some lawyers advocate this.

Rama Ananth December 30, 2012  

I cannot understand, what is stopping the politicians in being tough, what do they get by shielding criminals, and purposely delaying justice.
Something is seriously wrong with our country, for even after so much has happened they only become worse by closing down all the areas leading to the protest, and shutting down metros, making life miserable for everybody.
I am really saddened by our country and its so called leaders.

Destination Infinity December 30, 2012  

Since the victim died, can't the people who raped her be tried for murder, instead of only rape? I wonder what's preventing the police dept/legal dept to treat this as a murder now? The punishment then, will be harsher.

Destination Infinity

SM January 04, 2013  

@Destination Infinity

They will be charged for murder also.