12 December 2012

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Bharati Wal Mart – Statement on Lobbying In USA Indian Govt Orders Judicial Probe

Bharati Wal Mart – Statement on Lobbying In USA Indian Govt Orders Judicial Probe

Wal-Mart disclosed in a report to the U.S. Senate that it had paid $25 million over four years to lobby American lawmakers to help gain access to overseas markets, including India.

But here in India, Indian Politicians started to demand probe and now Government of India has ordered a time-bound inquiry by a retired judge into reports of lobbying by retail giant Walmart to gain entry into India.

What Wal Mart has done is legal in USA and illegal in  India as per books but in reality  this happens in India also but we Indian Citizens do not know how this happens.

It happens under table and helps generation of black money in India and it starts a chain and which keeps moving from this door to other door.

Wal Mart act is legal and nothing is going to come out from the investigation it will be waste of Money and time.

If you think Wal Mart act is illegal then why you do not stop lobbying made by Indian companies in America.

First, Punish the Indian companies, which are using lobbying in America then Punish Wal Mart.

Still India cannot punish Wal Mart, as we know that our laws are not capable to punish them.

America got the laws, which specifically says that what American company is allowed to do on American soil and what they are allowed to do on the foreign soil that is other nations.

We know that what happened in Bhopal Case, We know that what happened in HSBC, we know that what happened regarding Black Money Case like this there are hundreds of reasons

Majority Top companies of India spend money on Lobbying in US and may be they want to do it in India also but they have to do it under table dealings.

Under table means Black Money By paying Black Money

Below is the statement issued by Bharat Wal Mart regarding Lobbying –

The allegation that a routine US lobbying disclosure form reflects improper conduct on our part in India is false.

This disclosure has nothing to do with political or governmental contacts with India Government officials.

It shows that our business interest in India was discussed with U.S. Government officials—along with 50 or more other topics during a 3-month period.

Under U.S. law, on a quarterly basis, all companies which meet certain time and expenses thresholds, are required to disclose issues and expenditures spent in connection with contacts with the United States Government, including staffing cost, association dues, and payments to consultants.

This is not unique to Walmart.

All organizations, which expend more than $11,500 annually on lobbying activities and employ at least one lobbyist must register and file the quarterly reports.

In the third quarter of 2012, lobbyists and companies filed thousands of forms.

Per a Washington D.C. publication, Roll Call, in the first quarter of this year, 143 organizations reported expenses of more than $1 million

Our Washington office naturally had discussions with U.S. Government officials about a range of trade and investment issues that impact our businesses in the U.S. and worldwide and disclosed this in accordance with the law.

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