17 November 2012

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Video Last Address Speech of Bal Thackeray to Shiv Sena Party Workers

Video Last Address Speech of Bal Thackeray to Shiv Sena Party Workers

On October 24, an ailing Bal Thackeray addressed his supporters through a video conference.
Watch the video below the English Translation of the Speech.

English Translation of speech given by BAL Thackeray  on October24,2012

Last Address Speech of BAL Thackeray to Shiv Sena Party Workers Date October 24, 2012
I tried my best to bring his feeling in this speech

People talk from both the sides, if talk about Marathi people then they will say what happened to Hindu agenda, if talk about Hindu agenda then they will ask what happened to Marathi agenda

I do not fear and care about them, I will stay like this if you want to accept us, accept us or ignore us I will not change.

My brothers and sisters, mothers I wanted to meet you personally but what can I do I became sick and its going on more and less
This time in 2 and half days, I became more sick and then last nine days I am on bed,

I hope doctor will forgive me, but I want to say doctors when the get patient they start to make experiments on his body, [he wants to say about different types medical test one after another]

Doctor give one  medicine then something happens on body, oh you got allergy of the medicine then they will give another medicine for allergy and this keeps going on , one after another medicine for one or another reason

Uddhav [his son] he was traveling and working and he did not realize about his heart problems and recently angioplasty was done on him, it is good that he was not outside India

On Monday, he came home from hospital and on Tuesday, I was admitted to the Lilawati Hospital.

All reports were normal, heart was in good condition, I have not given my heart to anyone; my heart is with you only. [Shiv Sena Party Workers]
Your good wishes are with me, there should be some exchange.

I wanted to meet you in personally but my physical condition is not good
When I talk I feel tired, my physical health is not good.
I cannot walk properly what I can I tell you in such physical condition.

Uddhav decided to publish book of my cartoons, but when searched did not found, then found but then they were not in a good condition, all were original cartoons, then they were all destroyed

After that, Uddhav found as many as cartoons from all the sources and now book of my cartoons will be published, Uddhav will decide about that.

Cartoons from year 1947, it was the period of Nehru and Indira Gandhi etc.

About Pakistan what can I say, our government is useless what can I say about Sharad Pawar, Sushil Kumar Shinde
Now he says Bofors corruption scandal is over finished.
Now Vadhra chapter will end, not only Vadhra that family should be destroyed [Politically]

Rahul, Priyanka, Robert, Ahmed, Sonia, she is from Italy
Mughal left, English left and now Italian has came.

And we Hindus are like dead people, I do not know we Hindus got it our blood or not, sadly I have to say this.

People also write letters [Makes the fun, how cowardly they write]

We should defeat Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka politically only then India will see the good days otherwise future is not good after that you will end shout ,I hope you know how to shout or have to teach you that also.

India will become a leaderless country.

Someone from Hydrabad Muslim Man came and now in Nanded 11 got elected, what we are doing
How can 11 got elected in Nanded Muncipal Elections.

Today Assam is suffering.

Indira Gandhi sent the army and helped, created Bangladesh

Assam is in India sent the army and solve the problem.

Tomorrow there will be elections in Sambhji Nagar, I hope you will do something and only Shiv Sena will win the elections

Talks about Babri Mosque and Shiv Sena, what happened and how many went to Jail and died.
We suffered lot.

Last 46 years we are working, I am 86 years old, we gave everything for Marathi People, and I hope Marathi people will stay with us, Shiv Sena.

In Dadar, we lost elections why we need to think about that why this is happening.
Dadar was a place where Shiv Sena Grew.

We Marathi People should unite and defeat Congress in such a way that they will forget Politics forever.

Sharad Pawar says Mumbai is multi language speaking,
Sharad Pawar don’t feel shame
Whatever he may say, everyone knows that
We should not forget Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra

Now he talks about Lavasa, Sharad Pawar, and CM Chavan

I know everything about Lavasa.

Sharadbabu I want to ask you one question do you know who is
Ajay Gulabchand

Chavan he kept information about Lavasa under his,
Under his, now I am getting old do not remember
Yes under his thighs for one and half year
After that, Sharad Pawar visits him and they talk sweetly with each other something and situation remains same, file stays where it was.

Now they are clapping for what

After that, Mantralaya got burned and with that filed also got burned, destroyed  and they became very happy and now matter is closed forever.

Now bring the white paper on Lavasa and now we are happy, as we know file is destroyed.

And we do nothing,  our doesnt get up , we do not stand up we do not fight

And then in election time we get the money and vote for them.

But I am sure My Shiv Sena worker he will never vote by taking money he will slap the person who visits him and gives him money.

Regarding corruption people are given time and then after few weeks  they prove themselves that they are not corrupt

Here in India we got so many clean cheats that I will say its nation of cheaters.

Chidambaram got freed and many more

Please wake up, wake up  ,

See outside in other nations how people in small countries are revolting against government
See how they changed the government

Do you got blood in your body?
Don’t you feel anything?

Doing nothing, each time just say what he did, what shiv Sena did
But what you are doing?

Can you answer me and tell me what you are doing
Answer me Answer Me

I am tired now

Once I used to conquer the meetings, address the crowd
I did lot , every day in morning addressed at two places and in evening addressed three places
Gave speeches of 50 minutes or more, traveled lot day and night

But now I am not feeling good I am tired , I am bed ridden

Last 45 years I am chief and but now I can not

I urge all the Shiv Sainiks to stand by executive president Uddhav and Aditya the way you stood by me all my life.

Uddhav and Aditya are not forced on you as part of dynasty and in the way the Congress party does.

Marathi manoos should remain loyal to the Sena,”

Be honest with yourself ,  I did not forced on you Uddhav, you accepted him
This is not Gandhi Family,  I hope you will help Uddhav and Aditya
And make progress of Maharashtra

Do not give importance to anything or anyone  except Honesty

Be Honest

Jai Maharashtra

Vande Matram

Watch the Video speech given by Balasaheb Thakre in Dasara Melava

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Anonymous,  November 17, 2012  

Please someone translate this speech in hindi language..

SM November 18, 2012  


i tried to translate it as much as possible.

chitra November 18, 2012  

Good work.thanks for sharing.It seems whole of Mumbai has come out pay last respects to this personality.

malayalam November 18, 2012  

Trash has been set on fire, well I guess trash is always set on fire.

MEcoy November 19, 2012  

he seems a noble man

Anonymous,  December 12, 2012  

noble man awesome dude you should get a NOBLE PRIZE for your comment