21 November 2012

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UP Ex. chief secretary Neera Yadav, IAS officer Rajiv Kumar gets 3-year jail for Noida land scam

UP Ex. chief secretary Neera Yadav, IAS officer Rajiv Kumar gets 3-year jail for Noida land scam

Noida land scam happened or took place in year 1993.

Neera Yadav took voluntary retirement in March 2008.
Yadav and her husband Mahendra Singh are BJP members since 2009.
She joined the BJP during the 2009 parliamentary polls in the presence of then BJP president Rajnath Singh. Her husband Mahendra Singh Yadav was a minister in BJP government.

In 1997 Neera Yadav was adjudged one of three most corrupt officers in UP by the UP IAS Association.

Point to be noted –
Supreme Court had ordered an inquiry against Yadav and her then deputy Kumar.
The CBI registered a case against the two on February 26, 1998.
The charge sheet was filed on October 16, 2002.

In year 2010, in another scam, Neera Yadav was convicted and she was sentenced to 4 years, again in this case also she is on bail.
She got a four-year sentence in December 2010 for illegally allotting land to Flex Industries when she was Noida CEO.
Flex owner Ashok Chaturvedi, too, was pronounced guilty and sentenced to four years' term.
Both are on bail.

The CBI court in Ghaziabad on Tuesday sentenced former UP chief secretary Neera Yadav and senior IAS officer Rajiv Kumar to three years' imprisonment in the Noida land allotment scam.

The court also fined them Rs 1 lakh each.

Yadav and Kumar later got bail from a session's court against personal bonds of Rs 5 lakh each.

Two officers were accused of fraudulently including a strip of 105 sq. metres of land into the residential scheme, which was then allotted to individuals at throwaway prices by violating norms.

The CBI probe revealed allotment of Noida land to then UP chief secretary Mata Prasad's son, apart from top civil servants including former Union cabinet secretaries Surendra K Singh and TSR Subramaniam.

Yadav cornered four plots for her two daughters, husband, and herself.
One of these measuring 500 sq. metres has a palatial bungalow.
CBI claims the properties are worth crores.

The CBI also found that Yadav's husband, Mahendra Singh, owns real estate in London and Glasgow.

In India, the family allegedly owns properties in Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad and Lucknow in UP apart from Bangalore and Mumbai.

Now case will go to session’s court, then high court and then Supreme court of India.

In this way next 10 or 20 years or more or less there will be no real punishment.

Scam amount more than few Crore Rupees.

India needs to reform corruption law and needs to make  corruption a non-bailable offence once the punishment is given by the Court.

Currently corrupt people do not fear law,  laws help the corrupt people to enjoy the ill-gotten wealth.

Second reform required is that without any explanation after the court punishment 100% property of a criminal should become the property of the government of India automatically.

If the corrupt person who is punished by court wants his property back, she should prove to the Court that how  and how much money he has earned by honesty and only that portion should be returned to him or her.

Third reform if there  is any property on the name of corrupt persons  child that should be also become property of Government of India.

Fourth Reform ,  Punishment jail term should be equal to the amount of scam.

Example – If scam amount is Rs. 100, Jail term should be 100 Years.

Jai Ho Corruption

No one Dares to slap or vandalize homes of Corrupt people.

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