23 November 2012

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Shivsena files another case on FB post against Abhay Haridas Kamble

Shivsena files another case on FB post against Abhay Haridas Kamble

On Wednesday, Shiv Sainiks lodged a complaint against another Facebook user Abhay Haridas Kamble for an anti-Bal Thackeray remark, warning cops that if the case were not resolved within eight days, the party would take matters into its own hands.

The Panvel (rural) police station has forwarded the matter to senior officials in the cybercrime department

The status message was posted on Saturday at 5.15 pm, an hour after Thackeray was declared dead.  Kamble has more than 1,800 friends on the social networking site, hails from Wardha, and this particular post had 44 likes, 11 shares, and more than 250 comments till last evening.

Police told to NDTV that they have received complaint and said they have initiated an investigation. Inspector Krishna Kokane said, "We did get the complaint and dispatched it to our cybercrime officials.
We do not want to do anything in haste and are probing the matter at the moment.
We need to locate the PC or laptop from which the message was posted.
We also need to ascertain that this person's ID and password were not used by someone else to post the remarks. Only after everything is substantiated and we have the necessary proper proof, action will be initiated."

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Friday, November 23, 2012

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deeps November 23, 2012  

now, will this be another problem posting these blogs on them?? haha
well... i dont know whats with them...

Usha November 23, 2012  

How many people they will arrest? Other day I read news of his death in a news paper and 80% comments were expressing relief. Shivasainiks should not waste their energy in going behind checking comments, they have lot better things to do. Hope they get warning from higher authorities to stop this nonsense.

MEcoy November 24, 2012  

thats breaking through the freedom of speech