11 November 2012

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Punjab Rs.40 Crore-Housing Scam Celebrate Diwali with Scam

Punjab  Rs.40 Crore-Housing Scam Celebrate Diwali with Scam

Muktsar district – Punjab

On government paper villagers of above district are the beneficiaries of a Rs. 40-crore grant by the Parkash Singh Badal-led Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) government for the construction of houses.

But NDTV investigating team found that poor families in several villages are still awaiting help from the state government to either repair or construct their houses.

NDTV has revealed that most of these funds may have been siphoned off, as several of these villagers did not even receive a penny.

Documents acquired through Right to Information (RTI) reveals that between January 2011 and March 2012, over 19,000 families benefited from the grant.

Of these, over 6,000 families were given at least Rs. 35,000 for construction of 'kutcha' houses while over 13,000 families got Rs. 15,000 each for repairing their houses.

After this NDTV investigating team visited the villages and got shocked, they found that
At least half a dozen villages in Muktsar revealed that some families got only Rs. 15-18,000 worth of construction material as opposed to Rs. 35,000 as was promised. Several others got a cheque of only Rs. 5,000 while some are yet to receive any money.

The villagers allege that Akali Dal workers made a windfall by supplying sub-standard building material.

Even the Chief Minister's constituency, which allegedly is the biggest benefactor of the grant, also seems to have not been spared of this scam

the Muktsar District Collector, despite the obvious lack of progress in the housing project, was released 12 installments from the grant by the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA) without asking for the necessary paperwork. Secondly, Collectors, as per guidelines, are required to submit utilization certificates after grants have been released, something that was not done.

Jai Ho Corruption

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

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virendra sharma November 11, 2012  

सौहाद्र का है पर्व दिवाली ,

मिलजुल के मनाये दिवाली ,

कोई घर रहे न रौशनी से खाली .

हैपी दिवाली हैपी दिवाली .

virendra sharma November 11, 2012  


जी हाँ ऐसे भी होते हैं चेहरे .

(1)एक चेहरा है भारतीय राजनीति में रुकी हुई घड़ी सा .पूछो तो बतलाएं कौन सी पार्टी का है /की है यह कमान हाई ?

(2)एक और चेहरा है भारतीय राजनीति के शिखर पुरुष स्वरूप बिना सुइयों वाली घड़ी सा ,निरभाव ,उल्लासहीन ,सम्वाद हीन ,सम्प्रेषण

शून्य .बूझो तो नाम बताएँ दोनों का .

(1)सोनिया गांधी (2 )मन मोहन सिंह

दिवाली मुबारक दोनों को .

आओ इस दिवाली पर राजनीति के भ्रष्ट चेहरों का सरयू घाट पे विसर्जन करें 2014 में एक नया भारत बुने .

virendra sharma November 11, 2012  


Arti November 12, 2012  

This is so sad. Scams on Diwali too.
Happy Diwali to you and your family sm :)

Bikram November 12, 2012  

Muktsar is My town, I was born there and It is a shame that the govt and that too a SIKH akali Govt, has to do such scams in a city that is also a Holy city for the sikhs.. such a shame

I dont know how much money the BADALS and his group needs , they are multi BILLIONAIRES already , how much will be enough for them to satisfy and where will they take all this money.. each one of them ..

Well Waheguru is looking at them and I do hope and wish that on this festive day , the almighty teaches these wretched souls a lesson , just once all of them ..

Ravan was burnt a few days back, and we have so many Ravans waiting to be burnt