07 November 2012

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President Barack Obama Wins Reelected for 4 years

President Barack Obama Wins Reelected for 4 years

Barack Obama today won a second term in office overcoming a challenge from his Republican challenger Mitt Romney after clinching convincing victory in the crucial state of California.

President Obama won the second term with 274 electoral votes

Obama became only the second Democrat to win a second term in White House since World War II.

President Obama marketing skills once again won him the elections, his use of social networking sites, advertisements, and 24 hour presence on the internet helped him win the elections.

As a blogger everyday whenever log into my blog or visited other sites, friend’s site, I always saw a smiling Obama, India loves Obama,

But I never saw a Mitt Romeny, who is Mitt Romney failed to understand the power of internet and social marketing, connecting with people.

As a President of America he must understand, he is going to become the President of World, not America and that way he should project himself not limited to only American citizens.

Above is only one reason there are many reasons President Obama won elections, like Support from his wife.

After winning Obama tweeted that "This happened because of you. Thank you. Four more years,"

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi team is following the footsteps of, marketing skills of President Obama team.

May be Chief Minister Narendra Modi will become next Indian Prime Minister of India.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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MEcoy November 07, 2012  

my bet is for him good thing he won

Destination Infinity November 07, 2012  

I too prefer Obama and Democrats over the other side. I don't know much about US politics, but somehow there is a gut feeling. Hence I am happy that Obama won! :)

Destination Infinity