20 November 2012

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Facebook Post Two Girls arrested for questioning Bandh anti-Thackeray FB Post India

Facebook Post Two Girls arrested for questioning Bandh anti-Thackeray FB Post

Updated on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Palghar is about two and half hours of travel from Mumbai.
Palghar town, located 87km north of Mumbai.

The Mumbai police on Monday arrested a 21-year-old girl from Thane for questioning the total shutdown in the city for Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray's funeral on her Facebook account.

The two girls--Shaheen Dhada and Renu--were sent to 14-day judicial custody by a court before which they were produced were granted bail within hours after they furnished personal bonds

Shaheen Dhada posted or commented opposing the shutdown in Mumbai.
She allegedly said that one should not observe bandh for Thackeray's funeral.
"We should remember Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev,"

Dhada's friend Renu was arrested for 'liking' the post.

Another girl who 'liked' the comment was also arrested.
However, both the girls were later released on bail.

The woman had posted, "Respect is earned, not given and definitely not forced. Today Mumbai shuts down due to fear and not due to respect"

The two girls were granted bail within hours of being arrested, after they paid a surety of Rs 15,000 each.

The two girls were arrested under sections 505(2) (statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill will between classes) a and 66 A of the IT act.

20-year-old Rinu Srinivasan told to media that
I saw a huge crowd outside the police station. Suddenly, a woman slapped me twice and vanished into the crowd,"
I could not complain or tell anyone, because I was the one against whom the case was being registered,"

Media has reported that girl is believed to have written that there was no need to observe a bandh for Thackeray’s funeral.

Media reported that a mob of Shiv Sainiks allegedly vandalized a hospital owned by the girl’s uncle in Palghar and filed a complaint with the local police, who arrested the 21-year-old and her friend.

According to Shaheen Dhadha's (one of the arrested girls) defence lawyer, Sudhir Gupta, the FIR was filed against the girls at 9:00 pm on Sunday night.

Advocate Gupta says that the police had appeared at Shaheen Dhada's uncle's clinic at 7:15 in the evening, which was followed by 40-50 goons attacking the clinic around an hour later.

He further said that the FIR filed against the girls was under 295 (A) of the IPC and 66 A of the IT Act.

The defence counsel later argued in court that since there is no question of religious sentiment or political ideology in this case, 295 (A) does not apply.

The girls were charged under 505 (2) of the IPC and 66 A of the IT Act.

After this arrest, former Supreme Court Judge and chairman of Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju who has written to Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, seeking his active intervention in the matter.

In the letter addressed to Chavan, Justice Katju has written:

"It is alleged that she has been arrested for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

To my mind, it is absurd to say that protesting against a bandh hurts religious sentiments.

Under Article 19(1) (a) of our Constitution, freedom of speech is a guaranteed fundamental right.

We are living in a democracy, not a fascist dictatorship.

In fact, this arrest itself appears to be a criminal act since under sections 341 and 342 it is a crime to wrongfully arrest or wrongfully confine someone who has committed no crime.

Hence if the facts reported are correct,

I request you to immediately order the suspension, arrest, charge sheeting and criminal prosecution of the police personnel (however high they may be) who ordered as well as implemented the arrest of that woman, failing which I will deem it that you as Chief Minister are unable to run the state in a democratic manner as envisaged by the Constitution to which you have taken oath, and then the legal consequences will follow."

Freedom of speech?

Now time has come to ask do we got really freedom of speech.

If its wrongful arrest
do, you think anyone will get punishment for wrongful arrest of girls?

For me it was a wrongful arrest, Police should have provided protection to the girls and their respective families.

But in India Educated, class is not united who understands importance of freedom of speech
If one is poor and has no support and no backing has no right in India to write and comment on powerful and rich class of India.

If you are powerful and rich, belong to rich class of India you can enjoy and do anything, if you are a good you can do good things and you will be praised but you do bad deeds then also no one will touch you or file a complaint, even if someone writes a letter he will face harassment, no one will accept the complaint

Because India is country for rich by rich for the benefit of rich.

Updated on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

They were arrested on the complaint of a local Shiv Sena leader

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has said that the party supports the arrest of the two young women who had commented on the shutdown of Mumbai after Sena supremo Bal Thackeray's death.

SP Thane rural Ravindra Sengaokar told to media that So far, we have arrested nine persons in connection with ransacking the clinic of Abdul Dhada.

Shaheen Dhada I have apologised for the post," she said adding that whatever happened was unfair.
Further, she said that she would never again visit the social networking site
She had no comments to offer on whether she had done anything wrong. She described Thackeray as a "great guy" whom she "truly respected".

Another girl Renu said, "I regret what I did. This should not have happened. I never dreamt that I would be in court. What we did was not a crime. Now I will think twice before posting anything on Facebook."

Time Line – How and what happened with Shaheen and Rinu and Facebook Post

November 18

7 pm –
Shaheen Dhada posted a comment on Facebook saying Mumbai Bandh on Sunday was due to fear and not due to respect for Sena Chief.

After few minutes

Her friend Rinu liked the post and she shared the post with her friends.

After that, People gathered outside Shaheens uncle Dr.Abdul Dhadas hospital in Palghar.

After this Rinu was told by her friends about, this and she deactivated her account.

8 PM –
Shaheen goes to Palghar Police Station and tells Rinu to come

After 8 PM 40 unknown persons, vandalize the hospital causing damages of Rs. 15 Lakh.

11 pm –
Palghar – One leader [Sena leader] registers case against two girls that is Shaheen and Rinu

November 19, 2012 –

2.30 am –

After 2.30 am, both girls Shaheen and Rinu leave police station after submitting written apologies.
Shaheen deletes the post.

7.30am –

Again both girls return to Police station as directed by Police and are arrested.
3 pm –

Police produced them before court, which releases them on bail

Monday Night –

Shaheen tries to deactivate her account but realizes it has been hacked.
She discovers a fake account has been created in her name.

Meanwhile Police arrested ten people for vandalizing hospital

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