23 November 2012

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Egypt New President Mursi takes full power called new pharaoh

Egypt New President Mursi takes full power called as new pharaoh

Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi has issued a declaration

banning challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions

All constitutional declarations, laws and decrees made since Mr. Mursi assumed power cannot be appealed or cancelled by any individual, or political or governmental body

No court can dissolve the constituent assembly, which is drawing up a new constitution

No judicial authority can dissolve the constituent assembly or the  upper house of parliament (Shura Council)

All investigations into the killing of protesters or the use of violence against them will be re-conducted; trials of those accused will be re-held

The public prosecutor will be appointed by the president for a fixed term of four years, and must be aged at least 40

The constituent assembly's timeline for drafting the new constitution has been extended by two months

The president is authorized to take any measures he sees fit in order to preserve the revolution, to preserve national unity or to safeguard national security

President Mursi also sacked the chief prosecutor and ordered the retrial of people accused of attacking protesters when ex-President Mubarak held office.

Egyptian opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei accused Mr. Mursi of acting like a "new pharaoh".
President Mursi said his decree was aimed at "cleansing state institutions" and "destroying the infrastructure of the old regime".

It was expected that the re-write of the constitution, will be finished by December, has been plagued by dozens of lawsuits questioning the make-up of the constituent assembly.

Once document is finished, it will be put to a referendum.
If it is approved, legislative elections will be held two months later.

Last month, the Supreme Constitutional Court rejected a first draft released by the assembly, saying that it tried to limit the courts' powers and interfere in judicial affairs.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

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