08 November 2012

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Dance Bar Raid another Example of Inequality in Democratic India

Dance Bar Raid another Example of Inequality in Democratic India

Raid – Police Raid, CBI Raid, Income Tax Raid

All are the above investigative agencies in India...

Raid means what

To catch illegal activities and persons doing those acts.

Raid means government agencies in advance know at xyz place ABC type of illegal activity is going on

Because of that information government, agencies raid those places, shops, hotels, etc.

But here also we can find inequality in a democratic nation which guarantees equality before law.

Every day in we hear about CBI raid, we hear about income tax and we hear about Police Raid.

Now here I am talking about Income tax Raid and Police Raid on Bar.

In India its illegal for girls to dance in Bar, but funny thing is that in movies more dirty dances, more dirty dances than any porn movie are allowed and enjoyed by everyone.

The girls who dance in the bar are called as dance bar girls.

These girls dance in bar and do their job honestly, they do not cheat India and Indian citizens.

Many people say they are character less girls, but they forget that dance bar girls dance that is reason other girls are safe on Road.

So what happens in dance bar raid by Police?

Police Department knows in which hotel and where girls dance.
So Police team sends someone to hotel he reports back yes dance is going on.

After that News Agencies are informed, reporters, cameramen and Police both go the dance bar hotel and they raid the hotel.

Girls and Customers are arrested, then starts the drama,

Parade of arrested bar girls, Cameras capture them, girls try to hide their face,

An attempt is made so that girls will feel shame and dance bar girls will be defamed in society.

Now you understood what Dance Bar Raid is –

Showing Live the raid, recording everything by media and shown on television

Now here is another Raid –

Income tax raid –

Every day in newspaper or on news channel we hear the news that income tax department conducted raid and found billions of Rupees cash, found gold and diamonds.

Income Tax department raided a jeweler’s shop and recovered assets worth Rs 100 crore. The assets include cash amounting to Rs 1.5 crore. Jewellery worth Rs 1.5 crore and gold bricks worth Rs 70 lakh have also been recovered.

The jeweler is a rich man, no one dares to take his name, by hiding money and not paying, he creates black money, and thus he cheats India, he cheats every Indian citizen.

But he is a rich man he is not like a dance bargirl who is poor

Thus, we Indian citizens never get to know the name of such people on whom income tax department raids happen and billions of rupees are recovered.

Why they do not show live income tax raid?

Why they do not tell the public on which rich man they raided and found money?

Why such criminals are not defamed in society?

Why only poor dance bar girls are shown, live on TV on the name of Raid.

Thus Raid another example which shows that in India we got different laws for rich and different laws for poor.

Raid shows that we do not have equality in India.

Watch the video of live Raid on dance bar.

The article is not against any news channel, but news channel should show the live income tax raids also.

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

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MEcoy November 08, 2012  

my post somehow relates here

Anonymous,  November 17, 2012  

The sad part is how you say they arrest customers who have nothing to do with it. It's really stupid.