09 November 2012

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Arvind Kejriwal Expose Full Swiss Bank List Reliance Ambani HSBC Bank

Arvind Kejriwal Expose Full Swiss Bank List Reliance Ambani HSBC Bank

4th expose by Arvind Kejriwal on Indian citizens Black Money in Swiss Banks

Arvind Kejriwal exposes few names from Swiss Bank Account holders list which a black money.

Before this, fearless honest Arvind Kejriwal exposed Robert Vadra, Salman Khurshid, Nitin Gadkari, and the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance group.

Now this is his 4th expose

The expose today  - the information we first got from a senior Congress leader. We further investigated the facts he had mentioned.

The present CBI director estimates there are over 500 crores stashed abroad.

Indian Government got a CD - HSBC's Geneva branch has 700 accounts of Indian nationals. That list is available with the government with the amounts in the accounts in December 2006.

We do not have the full list  but we have some names

Mukesh Ambani  has Rs. 100 crores.

Anil Ambani has Rs. 100 crores

Reliance Industries Rs. 200 crores

Sandeep Tandon - former IRS, ED official - who raided Reliance has Rs. 125 crores

Sandeep Tandon's wife Anu, who is now Cong MP from Unnao - and a member of Rahul Gandhi's core group - has Rs. 125 crores.

Motech Software Private Ltd (Reliance Group company) - Rs. 2,100 crores
Kokila Dhirubhai Ambani has an account but in December 2006 it had no balance.

Naresh Goyal has Rs. 80 crores.

8.From Dabur - 3 members have accounts - totalling Rs. 25 crores.

Yashovardhan Birla has an account but in December 2006 it has no balance.

CBI had said there is Rs. 25 lakh crores - these 700 names account for only Rs. 6000 Crores.

In 28 July 2011, the Income Tax (IT) Department raided three people in Delhi based on this list.

All the three confessed - and we have the statements given by them to IT department here with us.

Opening an account in a Swiss bank is easier than opening an account in SBI Bank.

For a Swiss bank account you need to just make a call. for an SBI account you need to visit the branch. This is real easy - why would you have an SBI account - just go to a Swiss Bank.

On what basis did the them Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee decide who were raided and who weren't?

Why weren't Dabur or Birla or the Ambanis raided? Pranab Mukherjee may be President but he must answer.

Finance Ministry sources say that Mukesh Ambani met Finance Minister and said " they were prepared to pay tax to buy peace."

Even Mukesh Ambani must explain who the Rs. 100 crores reached Swiss bank, the account was operated - do they indulge in hawala transactions? And if they do then they should have been arrested.

All the people - they should furnish all details of their accounts - all the debit entries must be checked.

We would then know who all were bribed by money paid out from these accounts.
We demand a raid immediately be carried out on Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Naresh Goyal, Yash Birla and the three Dabur brothers - and if hawala is proved, they should be arrested.

Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) was designed to save these 700 people.

In July, Mr. Mukherjee told parliament that no members of parliament were on this list.  However, Mr. Kejriwal said, the information furnished to him shows that a Congress MP named Anu Tandon, who he described as close to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, was on the list with a bank balance of 125 crores. Ms. Tandon's husband, Sandeep, who has died, once an income tax officer, raided Reliance Industries owned by Mukesh Ambani, but was later employed by the company. "Is this money (in Ms. Tandon's account) Reliance money or Congress money or Rahul Gandhi's money?" Mr. Kejriwal asked.
He also alleged that because his name was on the list of account holders, Mr. Ambani met with then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and persuaded him "not to raid Reliance Industries and that he was willing to pay up taxes to 'buy peace'."

Mr. Kejriwal said that three of the people who were raided gave details to income tax officials that reveal that "HSBC is openly and brazenly running a hawala racket in India."  

Mr. Kejriwal said that the statements show that in flagrant violation of the laws, HSBC representatives conduct home visits to help  open a bank account in Geneva, and to deposit or withdraw cash.

Hawala racket:
The statements by the three gentlemen reveal that HSBC is openly and brazenly running a hawala racket
in India. From their statements, it appears that perhaps it is easier to open a Swiss bank account than it
is to open an account in SBI. You just need to contact HSBC in India. They would send someone at your
home, who would get forms filled up, take money in cash from you and your account would get opened
in Geneva or Dubai. You don’t need to go out of India to open an account. Likewise, you don’t need to
visit abroad to operate your account. You are given the name and mobile no of someone in Geneva. If
you have to deposit cash or withdraw money, you just call up that person. Immediately someone in
India from HSBC would visit your house. If you have to deposit cash, you hand over the cash to that
person. Corresponding amount in dollars would get credited to your account in Switzerland. If you have
to withdraw money, that person would deliver that much cash to you.
This is called “hawala”. This is a serious crime under FEMA and Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The
three gentlemen admitted that they indulged in hawala activities. It also clearly shows that HSBC bank is
openly indulging in hawala activities. 
Involvement of the three gentlemen in hawala could be established only when they were raided and
their statements recorded. 
Why were Ambanis, Naresh Goyal, Burmans and Birlas not raided? Why were their statements not
recorded? It appears that small people in that list were raided and bigger and powerful people were
let off. 
How did the money lying in their Swiss accounts reach there? How did the money travel to and from
these accounts regularly? Through hawala, as it is turning out in all other cases? 
Are Ambani brothers, Naresh Goyal, Burmans and Birlas guilty of indulging in hawala activities?

What transactions took place from these bank accounts? Were any bribes paid to politicians or

In October 2011, a report was sent by Director of Investigations, Delhi to Director General of Investigations, Delhi. The report clearly stated that HSBC officials were indulging in hawala and also encouraging tax evasion in India. The report also said that HSBC, Dubai and Geneva do not have a license from RBI to conduct banking operations in India and their operations in India were completely illegal.

It is more than a year, yet no action has been taken against HSBC. 
Some Swiss banks were caught indulging in similar illegal activities in US. US government initiated strong action against their top executives and forced them to reveal the complete list of US accountholders in their Swiss branches. 

Will Indian Government ever do that?

Below are the Six demands of  Arvind Kejriwal 
Six demands of IAC and Indian citizens  demand that:

1.  Top officials of HSBC should be immediately arrested under Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Is this not a fit case for charging them against sedition and raging war against India?

2.  Operations of HSBC should immediately be suspended in India.

3.  Like it was done by US, HSBC should be asked to provide complete list and bank statements of
all Indians who have had their accounts in its Geneva branch in last ten years. 

4.  All those whose names figure in the list of 700 people, including Ambani brothers, Naresh Goyal,
Burmans and Birlas should be raided and their statements recorded. 

5.  They should be asked to produce complete bank statement. They should be asked to explain
each entry – both debit and credit. Where did the money come from, how did it come and to
whom was money paid and for what. Accordingly, action should be initiated against all of them
under various laws. 

6.  They should be arrested if they are found prima facie guilty to have sent their money abroad
through hawala and if they are prima facie guilty under PMLA or PCA.

Summary of the three attached statements

Shri Parminder Singh Kalra
S/o Shri Avtar Singh Kalra, A-29, Friends Colony, New Delhi. 
In his statement, Shri Kalra stated that he opened an account in HSBC, Zurich on 29.1.2001. He
mentioned  that  he  was  introduced  to  the  bank  by  Mr  Charles  Habnumch,  investment
consultant  based  in  Zurich.  He  stated  that  the  deposits  in  the  bank  account  of  around  Rs.8-9
crores were not disclosed to the Income tax authorities in India. Shri Kalra mentioned that after
opening  the  account,  he  gave  cash  to  some  person  in  India  as  instructed  by  Mr  Charles  for
being  deposited  in  his  account  in  HSBC,  Zurich.  He  stated  that  he  gave  the  money  in  several
installments  in  Delhi  to  certain  persons  as  instructed  by  Mr  Charles.  Shri  Kalra  stated  that
different  persons  came  from  time  to  time  to  collect  cash  from  him.  Shri  Kalra  stated  that
sometimes in 2008 or 2009, he instructed Mr Charles to close the account. Money of about Rs.8
to 9 crores was delivered to Shri Kalra at Delhi in cash by several persons from time to time as
per  instructions  of  Mr  Charles.  He  mentioned  that  the  telephone  number  of  Mr  Charles  in
Zurich is +41-794203575.
Statement  of  Shri  Kalra  very  clearly  establishes  that  the  bank  officials  are  providing  illegal
channels  for  transfer  of  cash  from  their  client  account  holder  in  Delhi  to  Zurich  and
subsequently  are  also  instrumental  in  delivering  cash  withdrawn  by  the  account  holder  from
Zurich to Delhi.

Shri Praveen Sawhney
S/o Shri Bhushan Lal Sawhney, 6, Link Road, Jungpura Extn, New Delhi. 
In  the  statement,  Sh. Praveen  Sawhney  stated  that he opened  an account  in  HSBC,  Geneva  in
2004 and that his father Shri Bhushan Lal Sawhney transferred an amount of US $ 1.8 million to
his account. Shri Praveen Sawhney accepted that he withdrew amounts from this account from
time to time and as of now $ 4000 to 5000 might to remaining as balance. Regarding the modus
operandi of withdrawal of money, Shri Sawhney stated that he used to call the bank officials at
Geneva  for  making  withdrawal.  HSBC,  Geneva  used  to  arrange  for  delivery  of  cash  in  India
through their agents in hawala channel. All discussions with the bank officials used to take place
telephonically. He stated that he used to contact the following persons in HSBC, Geneva -
S.No.  Name  Telephone No.

1.  Mr Mark Wizbek  +44- 2078605089

2.  Ms Caroline  +41- 792517653 & +41- 227054317

3.  Salin Fighli  +41- 227054278

Shri Sawhney stated that after discussion with these officials, arrangement for delivery of cash
at Delhi used to be made by bank officials through the use of hawala. Shri Sawhney mentioned
that  every  time  a  different  person  came  to  him  to  deliver  cash  at  Delhi.  He  repeatedly
mentioned  in  reply  to  several  questions  that  every  time  he  needed  to  make  withdrawal,  he
contacted  the  bank  officials  who  arranged  for  delivery  of  cash  at  Delhi  through  hawala  and
every time delivery persons were different and he knew none of them.

Shri Vikram Dhirani
S/o Shri V.K. Dhirani, C-229, Indl.  Area, Bulandsahar Road, Ghaziabad, U.P. 
In his statement,  Shri Vikram Dhirani stated that he opened an account in HSBC, Dubai in the
year 2005 and closed it in 2006. Regarding the procedure for opening of accounts, depositing
and withdrawal of money, he explained that the representatives of the bank came to him in
Delhi to open the account. The formalities were completed in Delhi and he did not travel to
Dubai for opening or operating the account. Regarding deposit of money, he accepted that the
person authorised by the bank officials would contact him and collect the cash from him for
depositing in HSBC, Dubai. Shri Dhirani admitted that he does not remember the person who
came to collect the money. After the money was deposited, Shri Dhirani got a confirmation
from the bank; however, no document was given. Shri Dhirani stated that around Rs. 12 crores
of unaccounted income was deposited in the account over a period of time and the same was
not disclosed to the Income tax authorities. He mentioned that the account was closed in 2006.
Regarding the withdrawal of money from bank he stated that the representatives of the bank
delivered the cash to him in India and that he did not go to Dubai to collect the cash  nor did he
arrange to take the delivery of cash. The bank officials arranged for delivery of cash to him in

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Bikram November 09, 2012  

Hmmmm I am more interested in the accounts byu the MINISTERS, who swear their loyalty to the nation when they take oath.

running after business men is not going to make that much of a change , as they will take their business somewhere else .. BUT

if the leaders are exposed and arrested and made to resign then hopefully NEW leaders will not do that same .. and THESE BusinessMen will automatically be take care of..

How come out of the 700 there are no LEADERS whos name are being mentioned


रविकर November 09, 2012  

जैसे आइ-क्यु नापते, ख़ुशी हमारी नाप ।
धन्ना सेठों को रहे, दीवाली संताप ।|

तो रिलायंस ही सबसे बड़ा लुटेरा -

अतिशय माहिर लाग, मिले सत्ता से जाके ।
जर जमीन ले भाग, गया सब चीज उठा के ।

टैक्स चुरा के खाय, देखिये फिर भी अकड़न ।
मानो नेचुरल ग्रोथ, बाँट नहिं सकती उतरन ।।

MEcoy November 09, 2012  

bank accounts are the best mostly used by politicians as their medium for corruption

deeps November 09, 2012  

even swiss is not safe :P