10 October 2012

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SGPC Honors Terrorist Killers of General Army Chief General AS Vaidya

SGPC Honors Terrorist Killers of General Army Chief General AS Vaidya

Army Chief General AS Vaidya was and is the God of India and he will remain God of India forever in heart of true citizens of India.

Nation is always above the religion, one should protect his nation first after that his religion.

For the Protection of India  Army Chief General sacrificed his life.

Indian Government is doing nothing but process to start Khalistan moment is already started by terrorist groups.

Few days back in London Operation Blue Star commander Lieutenant General (retired) KS Brar was attacked.

Few days there was news that in Europe and South America groups supporting Khlistan are collecting money to start the Khalistan moment again.

Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) on Wednesday honored the killers of former Army Chief General AS Vaidya.

A bhog ceremony was organized inside the Golden Temple for the two assassins of General Vaidya that is
Harjinder Singh Jinda Sukhdev Singh Sukha - whom the SGPC considers as martyrs.

General Vaidya was the Chief of Army staff when operation Blue Star was launched in June 1984.
General Vaidya was assassinated in 1986 in Pune by Jinda and Sukha.

General Vaidya's assassins were declared "martyrs" by the SGPC.

The two terrorists were convicted in the case and sentenced to death, which was carried out on October 9, 1992 in Pune.
In Operation Blue Star several terrorists including the mastermind of the Khalistan movement, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, were killed.

Army Chief General Vaidya did excellent job in Blue Star operation after that  terrorist people who does not like India , who support Khalistan killed the Army Chief General Vaidya in Pune City , Maharashtra State India.

Just for talking about Jammu and Kashmir innocent citizens of India, face the sedition cases in India.

Just for drawing cartoon, one has to face the Sedition charge in India.

Just for the book, one is  not allowed to enter India.

All above three people are innocent and they do not have  danda that is stick in their hands or no support of danda.

But in India if someone got the Danda in his hand he can rape any one, he can murder any one and he  can say anything about our beloved nation India,
But we cannot do anything.

Citizens are powerless and

Corrupt people never love any country, they only love money and wont hesitate  to murder  son for the sake of money and chair.

Danda means stick ,  stick means power of money and politics.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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