09 October 2012

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Know about Skype Dorkbot Worm Botnet Scam

Know about   Skype  Dorkbot Worm Botnet Scam

The malware worm enters into user’s windows computer or laptop through instant messages.

Researcher Rik Ferguson says users have seen messages in both English and German, and links point to a download on Hotfile.com labeled as “Skype_todaysupdate.zip,” containing the payload.

The message contains a shortened link and scam line:
"Lol is this your new profile pic?"

Clicking the link triggers a .ZIP file to download.
Once the file is unzipped, a Trojan copies itself to the hard drive, opens up a backdoor, and loads malware known as the Dorkbot worm from a remote server.
Once on board, the worm enlists the compromised computer into a botnet.

Forbes reported that the worm also has the potential to lock PC users out, holding their files for ransom unless they agree to pay the extortionists within a short period of time

Sophos reported that The Dorkbot attack has been spreading over Facebook and Twitter

The attack can also spread via USB drives and other instant messaging services.

Best idea is do not click on any unknown message , even if you click on it  do not download anything.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

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