29 October 2012

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General V K Singh new face of Anna Hazare to launch campaingn from Jan 30

General V K Singh new face of Anna Hazare to launch campaingn from Jan 30

Anna Hazare gave Indians  Arvind Kejriwal a new leader to whom today educated youth of India is looking and waiting for the launch is new political party.

Today   in a  joint media briefing by Anna Hazare and former Army chief Gen V K Singh, Anna  told to media that a new front against corruption, whose name will be disclosed before Diwali.

Former Army chief General VK Singh, who has joined Anna Hazare in his crusade against corruption, said that government is "anti-people" and demanded immediate dissolution of parliament.

He said government is "bending to the corporates".

Anna Hazare and former Army chief General V K Singh targeted the "unconstitutional” UPA government over decisions like FDI in multi-brand retail.

Singh said that as per the Constitution, India is a welfare state in which a democratically elected government is duty bound to protect and improve the lives of the people. However, the current system has completely ignored the directive principles enshrined in the constitution and has surrendered to market forces,"

The government policies were being framed to benefit private businesses instead of the common man and no one was raising voice against this in Parliament,

Elections should be held to allow formation of a new government, which works, for people, he said, adding "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has ignored the principle of collective responsibility."

Anna Hazare said that Arvind is a nice man and he will support him.

Anna Hazare announced a yearlong campaign from January 30 to create awareness among the people for bringing about a change in the system, and would support candidates with clean image in the next general elections.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

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रविकर October 30, 2012  


कुछ भला हो ।।

Destination Infinity October 30, 2012  

Though I respect both, I feel that Arvind Kejriwal's route is more practical/action-oriented than Annaji. Of course, I welcome any sort of measures against Corruption and it was Annaji's movement which started it all.

Destination Infinity

BK Chowla, October 30, 2012  

If this country is lucky,one day we will see more like VKS join politics so as to get rid of corrupt