17 October 2012

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Arvind Kejriwal Expose Nitin Gadkari Irrigation Scam Gadkari takes land of farmers

Arvind Kejriwal Expose Nitin Gadkari Irrigation  Scam Gadkari takes land of farmers

It is strange that BJP has amended its constitution to accommodate another term for Nitin Gadkari.

Today once again Arvind Kejriwal expose one another politician, this time it is   BJP President Nitin Gadkari who is a very rich businessman.

Arvind said Nitin Gadkari works as  businessman and not as Politician who cares for the people.

Arvind Kejriwal told the media the stories of villages  where  their land was grabbed by politicians  breaking all the existing laws.

Land in this village was acquired by Maharashtra government to construct dams.

Land acquired was far in excess of actual requirements.

According to rules, the excess land should either be returned to farmers or leased out to them for farming.

Government took the land from farmers,  the dam was completed ,the land was remaining, and farmers were irrigating and using that land.

Farmers of village wrote the letter to Maharashtra government demanding that land be returned to them or  land be given to them on lease.

After 2 years farmers of village got reply that,  they will not get their land.

Then  BJP Businessman leader and President Nitin Gadkari wrote the letter to Government demanding land and like a fast track court in very short span of time the land was given to Nitin Gadkari without following law that land should be returned to farmers.

Law in India is not for rich and politicians.

Hope one day Supreme Court of India will do something like Pakistan Supreme Court, which is the symbol of Honesty and Courage.

Indian Supreme Court Judges are honest they just need to act and use their discretionary powers.
Dams in India are built and politicians say that water will be given to the farmers.

But in reality, entire water is being diverted for power and sugar industry. For instance, in Umred taluka, Lower Vena Vadgaon Dam was meant to provide irrigation water to these farmers. This dam has just one canal, which is non-functional. So, there is no question of the water reaching the farmers for irrigation. Instead, the entire water from this dam has been permitted to be used by Nitin Gadkari's firms and other industries in that area.

Ajit Pawar has diverted water meant for irrigation to power industry on large scale.
These industries either belong to politicians from all parties or have strong political connections across all parties.
Therefore, none of the parties wish to raise this issue.

When the interests of farmers were being sold out to favorite industrialists, why was Nitin Gadkari silent?

Why did he not raise his voice against it?

71  dams are going to be built and 71 Power projects so no water will be given to the farmers.

In Maharashtra, farmers are committing suicide but no one has time to look at them.

Nitin Gadkari himself has five such power-producing industries and three sugar industries in Maharashtra. And that is the reason why Nitin Gadkari did not wish to raise the issue of corruption in irrigation dams.

In a short span, Gadkari has built a huge business empire in a short period with more than 15 companies in sectors including construction, sugar, distillery, power, coal, agro etc.

In some areas, Gadkari's companies are a source of huge pollution causing inconvenience to local people. For instance, in Umred, Gadkari owns a power industry.
Fly ash from this industry is polluting the air in that village causing breathing problems for the villagers. Likewise, flyash has been disposed in Local River thus polluting the entire river.

Despite repeated complaints from the villagers, obviously, no action has been taken by the government because the Gadkari has excellent relations with all parties in power.

When Mr. Gadkari receives a favor from the ruling coalition of Congress-NCP in Maharashtra in the form of irrigation dam water and farmers' lands, what does he offer in return as quid pro quo?

He mortgages the trust of the people of India. He assures them that as opposition, he would not allow his party to speak against ruling establishment's corruption.

He assures them that even if his party is forced to oppose due to media pressures or political compulsions, the opposition would merely be cosmetic.

He is correct in saying - "How can we oppose them? Chaar kaam wo hamare karte hain, chaar kaam hum unke karte hain."

For him, politics is meant to enhance business opportunities rather than fight for people's rights.

Due to the inherent compulsions of his business empire, is it possible for him to head the main opposition party of India?

What will happen after this

Nothing is going to happen, as there is no one in India who can punish politicians and rich politicians of India

They are above Supreme Court of India.

Do you think they are above Indian Constitution and Supreme Court of India.

Yes Indian people, Educated Indian citizens are afraid to speak and talk even comment against politicians .

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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