02 September 2012

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When Jana Gana Mana Became National song Anthem of India

When Jana Gana Mana Became National song Anthem of India

On Independence Day India was undecided regarding national anthem

August 15, 1947 India got independence.

On Saturday old letter was published as per that letter
The country was undecided on its official national anthem on the auspicious day that is Independence day.

Jana Gana Mana was adopted and accorded the status by the Constituent Assembly Jan 24, 1950.
Before august 15, 1947 many collectors wrote and ask chief secretary
whether they should still allow the singing of the British national anthem, 'God Save the King' as India's national anthem on the dawn of country's independence Aug 15, 1947.

chief secretary informed all collectorates Aug 11, 1947, barring the singing of 'God Save the King'.

Orders regarding the new national anthem will be issued in due course.

Thus, India became independent but not the working style.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

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virendra sharma September 02, 2012  

That India became independent but not the working style.Democracy is functional but without deliverance .

virendra sharma September 02, 2012  

एस एम् भाई देश सिर्फ राजनीतिक तौर पर आज़ाद हुआ है .प्रधान मंत्री तक तो यहाँ रिमोटिया है .हाँ भ्रष्ट होने की यहाँ खुली आज़ादी है सबको ,करो बड़े से बड़ा स्केम ,बनी स्केमेएस्टर,करो हाथ काले ,खूब खाओ चारा ,रहो सेकुलर ,दूसरी आज़ादी यहाँ सेकुलर होने की है जिसे देखो वह सेकुलर है . आपकी द्रुत टिपण्णी के लिए .

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MEcoy September 02, 2012  

why having a new one?

SM September 02, 2012  


India got freedom from UK thus new anthem for new country.

Unknown March 04, 2013  

Yes. 52 seconds? Would you listen and support this new Anthem? http://tlnt.at/Uybp9z. Thanks. Ashwin, Music composer.

Unknown May 02, 2013  

Sahara India Pariwar has taken great initiative to bring the people of country together through the medium of national anthem. We all should come up one by one joining the hands of each other to make a such a strong knot on which every Indian word get printed strongly. Let us make this day auspicious in the world by making one of unbreakable records. Jai Hind!
Bharat Bhawna Diwas