29 September 2012

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Video India Indore UFO Seen UFO Captured on Video

Video India Indore UFO Seen UFO Captured on Video

Madhya Pradesh

Around two in the morning in Indore star like light appeared in the sky.
No one in Indore city had seen that type of beautiful thing, color-changing object in the sky.
The sky was dark and only one object was shining in the sky.

On his camera Bhalchandra, garde captured the flying object.

Few people say it was a flying UFO or meteorite or a flying saucer.

The object was changing color sometimes blue and sometimes red

Watch the Video of UFO flying on Indore City

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Anonymous,  September 29, 2012  

Finally Aliens are taking interest in other countries than USA. lol..

Destination Infinity September 29, 2012  

I am reminded of this quote - 'The best evidence that more intelligent life exists in this galaxy is the fact that no one has tried to contact us directly yet' :)

Destination Infinity

DWei September 30, 2012  

Meh, it's probably nothing. A weird cloud or aircraft.

Magazinci September 30, 2012  

I believe that aliens i raight

SM September 30, 2012  


It can be cloud or alien craft or new American drone anything.

MEcoy October 01, 2012  

ive seen a lot of videos like that creepy but cool