13 September 2012

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Video Bumbilli Cute loving Puppy

Video Bumbilli Cute loving Puppy

Rama, a blogger friend told me to make video using photos of her cute puppy, she is growing fast.
Her name is Bumbilli.
She is just one month old.
She was born on July 10 20012.
She is very smart for her size and age, looks like she would grow up to be an extremely beautiful and loving dog.

Hope you enjoy the video created by me for loving Bumbilli.
Watch the video in Full Screen for full enjoyment.
Click on First option from right hand side to watch video in full screen.

Below is the link to the blog of Rama


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

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MEcoy September 13, 2012  

cute cute cute i love her i want to hug her

Rama Ananth September 13, 2012  

Thank you Mitesh. it has really come out well.

Usha September 18, 2012  

sm, enjoyed watching Bumbilli's video, wonderfully done...you have put nice background song...full screen view was very impressive.

Rama's puppy Bumbilli is very cute and adorable.Video reminded me of my two pomeranian dogs who lived with us for almost over 25 years in Mumbai.Dogs are great companions.Thanks for creating and sharing cute Bumbilli's video.

SM September 18, 2012  


Song was suggested by Rama.