22 September 2012

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Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate America

Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate America

One will find hundreds of reason to hate America or anything, one does not even need a reason to hate any other country or a human being, religion is enough to hate others.

Following are the 10 top reasons why people hate America.

USA is a  rich country and people who  are born in poor country or developing country  hate America as they do not enjoy and get the life enjoyed by advance, developed country like USA.

No  green Card Visa rejected Never become eligible to settle in USA

America is very liberal nation and outside people think that American people do not have any morals. Such people think that America will destroy their culture, which does not give freedom to females as well as males. Normally such people are taught by politicians to hate America.

People who hate America  think that American politicians are responsible for their nation’s failure and corruption. They think that America should see that  their country should become rich, they do not realize  their country is poor because of their own politicians and citizens.

People may hate America because they do not like the freedoms enjoyed by American females and American males.

People hate America because politicians in poor countries who are corrupt are afraid of American honesty and transparency in governance thus they tell the lies about America to their own people and poor or uneducated  citizens believe them and hate America.

Reason to hate America = Difference between own currency and American dollar, but uneducated people does not understand one has to pay more for American dollars is the result of their own politicians who make wrong policies.

People go to America and see that everyone is following  strict rules and laws  everywhere  People  in their own country these people do all type dirty works outside at public place  before police but nobody asks them or stops them when such people go to America and they have to follow the strict rules and laws  they have to keep everything clean outside home at public place  such people when come back from America they start to hate America as they did not like to follow the laws.

People hate America because of  equality of among American citizens, even maid is given lot of salary in America when people visit America , they realize that they cannot even hire a one maid , they have to do their own household work such people when come back to home country start to hate America as in their home country they treat maids like machines with little pay, salary

People hate America because America give citizens right legally to hate anyone and full freedom of speech, full freedom to make adult or porn movies, full freedom to play betting games, full freedom regarding all sex activities.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

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RNSANE September 22, 2012  

Well, SM, we aren't the perfect country but, yes, we have many freedoms. You know I love India
( I'm writing this from Jaipur...in my 3rd month here and won't fly back to San Francisco until Nov 16 ). Freedom of speech is one of our constitutional rights. While I deplore the recent film that has caused so many rage in the world, I do applaud our right to free speech, & to make movies. I find it sad that outsourcing to India does not offer people what I consider decent wages - but, at least, it has provided more employment to people that might, otherwise, be unemployed.

I love India but I would not ever give up my
American citizenship.

Excellent article, by the way...now write one about why people LOVE America!

SM September 22, 2012  


thanks.i will try to write article on why people love America.

Usha September 22, 2012  

Good 10 point write up on reasons to hate America...after reading this I also thought of having similar post about - Why people love America?

In recent years Indian lifestyle has dramatically improved (only for few), they have developed high sense of superiority which makes them think nothing special about America.

Here few Indians hate America just to show off how much they love India but nobody is going to pack bags and proceed to India because there is so much to love in this country.

Destination Infinity September 22, 2012  

The United States or any other western countries claim that they have a higher standard of living, but fail to mention that their people need to work so much more to keep enjoying all that the country can give them.

I am surprised not to find the higher cost of living. Any large American city is insanely expensive to live. That's the price one pays for their higher standard of living.

I am also surprised not to find the 'marketing-slave' culture. People become slaves to gadgets, burgers and soft-drinks in US (driven by marketing) and that's quite unique to that country.

Destination Infinity

MEcoy September 24, 2012  

makes sense but in my case i never came to hate america

Anonymous,  August 14, 2013  

gosh...people hate the US because the education is shit...(prime example your horrible writing skills)

1) the USA has more depts than any other industrialized country

2) the Iraq war was totally uncalled for seeing how it was not only based on false facts but also done in a preemptive strike which was deemed illegal

3) children are allowed to carry weapons but tales like little red cap are forbidden

4) the kill rate of the police force is higher than in any other industrialized country

5) the average american is obese

6) the american stock market crashed the global economy twice

7) the WTO forbid south africa to produce their own AIDS medicine because it would be against the free market rules but as 5 americans needed a medicament against antrax, Bayer was forced by them to sell them at half a price otherwise they would lose they patent....so for the american organisation goes:
millions of african are less worth than five americans

8) the americans still use the death penalty as the only industrialized country

9) the americans have no social concept seeing how health care is such a big issue even so every other industrialized country has it

10) americans always confuse socialism with communism (yes there is a difference)

11) american workers have basically no right and for most the sallary is so low that they have to take two or three jobs.

12) maternity leave is a foreign concept for them

13) because the dollar is less worth then the euro export is a difficult buisness

14) the US goverment invests more money in their military then in the education of the children

15) the three biggest exports of the USA are fast food, cheesy hollywood movies and weapons...

well i could go on...but those are at least real reasons to dislike the US

great now i feel sad for the people who live there T^T