10 September 2012

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Husbands to pay compulsory salary to wife Government Planning to bring new law

Husbands to pay compulsory  salary to wife Government Planning to bring new law

Government of India is planning to bring a new law, which will make it mandatory for husband to share certain percentage of his income with his wife who stay at home and do household duties.

The proposal is being considered by Women and Child Development (WCD) ministry for socio-economic empowerment of homemakers.

Women and Child Development (WCD) minister Krishna Tirath told PTI that new law regarding salary to wives will be discussed  in a meeting to be held with ministers of different states on September 17-18.

The minister said if a portion of a husband's income is allocated as wife's share, it is likely to be spent on better food for children.

The work that women do at home is also economic activity but it goes unaccounted.

The above law is not practical as what about payments after divorce, what if wife gives that money to her parents instead of spending on kids.

If wife is having a job but after law, she realizes that, she will get more money from her husband if she leaves her present job
Do you think in such case she will resign from that job and become a homemaker.

What if husband does the household work  as a part time?

What about tax exemption?

What about medical expenses?

Do you think above law is a foolish law to pay salary to wife ?

Someone will say she cooks for the family, if husband appoints a cook he has to pay the cook,
If you will give such reasons,

Tomorrow someone will say if you have sex outside you have to pay so pay wife for the sex also.

For surrogate mother one has to pay so pay money to wife also.

The point is above law will destroy the emotional bonding and love between husband and wife and both families.

Government needs to bring Indian Contract Marriage Act instead of bringing hundreds of new laws and amendments like fifty percent share and now this new law salary.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

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virendra sharma September 10, 2012  

सरकारी जुगाली ,बैठे सब ठाली .

सोमवार, 10 सितम्बर 2012
ग्लोबल हो चुकी है रहीमा की तपेदिक व्यथा -कथा (गतांक से आगे ...)

DWei September 10, 2012  

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

PC Jeweller Ltd. September 10, 2012  

Nice things has to be done to protect women ...

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Bikram September 10, 2012  

WEll lets hope it all works


Destination Infinity September 10, 2012  

No laws have ever brought about any major social change, especially in India. We have laws that makes dowry unlawful, but don't people practice it openly?

Destination Infinity

MEcoy September 11, 2012  

i guess that would be cool

Shaw September 11, 2012  

Seems odd they would have to force that. A Husband should be responsible enough to spend for the well-being of his children and spouse.

Anonymous,  September 14, 2012  

This is a bulshit law... For sure Indian Govt has no mind

stephen October 12, 2012  

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Tiasjno January 18, 2013  

i guess that would be cool

mallikaempire August 21, 2019  

nice blog to aware the people who dont know about this law thanks for sharing

vriksha veda March 28, 2023  

great platform and content. thanks