28 September 2012

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Barfi list of 18 Scenes, which were copied inspired Movie Barfi

Barfi list of  18 Scenes, which were copied inspired Movie Barfi

Movie Barfi is India's official entry for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

But movie is inspired from Hollywood and copied below is the list of 18 scenes which were inspired or copied.

Inspired or Copied Scene 1
Playing Hide and Seek with Cop or Police
Ranbir plans to rob a bank, he plays hide-and-seek with Saurabh Shukla's cop character using a sliding door
The sequence is similar to Charlie Chaplin's 1917 short film, The Adventurer.

Inspired or Copied Scene 2
Ranbir sits on a sofa with a dummy and tries to entertain Priyanka
The above scene is also copied from Singin' in the Rain.

Inspired or Copied Scene 3
Ranbir balancing on a ladder while cops try to pull him down.
The above scene is also copied or inspired from from Buster Keaton's 1922 comedy, Cops.

Inspired or Copied Scene 4
Ranbir sleeping under the cover of a statue that is unveiled
The above scene is also copied from Chaplin's 1931 hit, City Lights.

Inspired or Copied Scene 5
Scene – bicycle chase
The above scene is also copied from ackie Chan's 1983 comedy hit Project A.

Inspired or Copied Scene 6
Theme Tune of Barfi is also inspired from French movie Amélie.

Inspired or Copied Scene 7
Story line of the movie is inspired from movie Benny & Joon, which was a film about a mentally ill girl finding love with an eccentric man.
And Korean film Oasis (2002).

Inspired or Copied Scene 8
Scene -Ranbir walks into a door and his nose gets bent
Above scene is also copied from 1952 American movie Singin' in the Rain.

Inspired or Copied Scene 9
Ranbir and Priyanka die together, sleeping in each other's arms.
The above scene is also copied from the  movie Notebook.

Inspired or Copied Scene 10
Scene Mom telling the daughter about her love and past
The above scene is also copied or inspired from the movie Notebook

Inspired or Copied Scene 11
Scene - Ranbir tries to get rid of a sticky bit of paper while putting up posters in Kolkata is copied or inspired from  Mr Bean episode titled Back To School.

Inspired or Copied Scene 12
Scene - Ranbir keeps a nail on the road to stop a passing car is from Kikujiro (1999)

Inspired or Copied Scene 13
The recurring shots of a hamster in a cage are from Black Cat, White Cat (1988).

Inspired or Copied Scene 14
The scene - Ranbir is ogling a Sadhu’s crotch is from an advertisement for a Swedish newspaper.

Inspired or Copied Scene 15
scene - a pair of headlights rushes towards Priyanka only to be revealed as two bikes is from Mr Nobody (2009).

Inspired or Copied Scene 16
Scene - The interrogation where Ranbir responds to a question that asks him to reveal everything by starting with his birth is from The Goonies (1985).

Inspired or Copied Scene 17
Scene Ranbir and Ileana’s goods train date where they distribute food to the needy is from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991).

Inspired or Copied Scene 18
scene of Barfi asleep and not listening to his father’s screams is inspired from Hindi Movie Koshish year 1972

Inspired or Copied Scene 19
Scene - shoe throwing scenes to attract the attention of Priyanka Chopra playing an autistic girl Jhilmil was apparently copied from 'Mathilukal' an award-winning Malayalam feature film directed by Adoor opalakrishnan.

Inspired or Copied Scene 20
Barfi climbs atop the clock tower of the Keventers and turns the clock back 15 minutes to let Illeana overlook his proposal.
The scene is copied from film, Lover's Concerto, from where the Barfi clock tower scene and the urinating in a crop field were copied.

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September 28, 2012


MEcoy September 28, 2012  

well i dont know wht to say though i wish it was jsut inspired not copied

Sandhya September 28, 2012  

Ranbir is a good actor. I watched this movie a couple of days back. I noticed that I was laughing a lot in the first half. But somehow I felt I had seen these scenes somewhere! The last scene where Ranbir throws his shoe up for Priyanka to notice...reminded me of Kamal in 'Sadma'...the last railway station scene where he acts like a monkey.

I don't think this movie is worthy of an entry for Oscar. Second half was total confusion!

Renu September 28, 2012  

I havent seen the movie, but saw those scenes on TV..they are copied, because they are exactly the same.

deeps September 28, 2012  

copy of copies...
there seems to be nothing original anymore...

DWei September 28, 2012  

How very original. ._.

Rama Ananth September 29, 2012  

We saw the movie, and it did look like a third rate thriller, as aptly described by the police inspector, one could not make head or tail of such a clumsy story. And each and every scene seems to be a copy,the whole film is literally copied from other famous pictures. It must have been easy for the director, and te actors to keep watching such scenes and practice them for this movie.
With so much visible coping, they are really stupid to think they can try their luck for the Oscars. Great, hope indeed!
Now a days it is all the more visible if you have copied because everything is out in the Internet, not like the olden days when though itmight have been copied, not many people would know about it. It is all the more important, that original story only comes up.

manashree September 30, 2012  

Knew about the scene from Notebook and Koshish, sad!!!

Avipsa November 07, 2012  

Well, if some of the copied scenes of a movie are criticized in such a manner, i would say we should criticize each and every movie of bollywood. the action movies which almost make a profit of 300 crores in box office are also not original. every action sequences and comedy sequences of bollywood movies are inspired from hollywood. Barfi has copied scenes from Mr. Bean?? plz tell me where is Mr Bean inspired from???? Yes, from Chaplin... the conversation scene between Barfi and the cop where barfi started answering from his birth is from the Goonies..are u people sure that the director has copied it and it is not his own innovation?? or once the scene has been used in a perticular movie so it cant be used in any other?? then every love making scene or hugging scene of hero and heroines are copied from any other movie... and if we come about Oscar nomination..can u assure that every Oscar nominated film are 100% original?? how can u overlook that people have enjoyed a movie after so long time?? how can u ignore the beautiful narration of the movie..the superb acting of the three main cast?? And if u want everything to be original then start criticizing from Rabindranath Tagore..because most of songs are inspired from some other songs that includes foreign tunes also..plz..try to accept the good things...

Avipsa November 07, 2012  

something more to say...

u cannot judge or criticize a film with some of its copied scenes..for a constructive criticism plz criticize those scenes also which are not COPIED... and let me tell u one thing that the execution of those copied scenes in the movie and to make it relevant with the story is also a creativity...Thums Up for Barfi!!

sj September 18, 2013  

i guess full movie is copied from different foreign films.. wonderful work..

sj September 18, 2013  

we may, may not be criticizing the movie, but actually i liked the movie.. but why not indian directors get there own idea.
see every emran hashmi movies, few songs from good music directors copy full songs or take a piece from tht music n make a whole song. its just that we r discussing the movie n share knowledge