30 August 2012

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Legally is it possible to sell Indian Parliament building to British or American Company

Legally is it possible to sell Indian Parliament building to British or American Company

Yes, it is possible legally to sell Indian Parliament building or Taj Mahal or any other building in India there is no exceptional building.

How is it Possible to sell Indian Parliament Building?

Following are the  steps using which Indian Parliament building will be sold.

First get the audited reports that Parliament building is not safe it needs and requires repairs

Form the committee of ruling and opposition political parties.

The committee will give Report that building is not safe , but we cannot demolish that building and we will need foreign technology to repair parliament building without damaging the current building.

Again, form the committee and Committee will give solution that Parliament building should be repaired using Public Private Partnership.

Now Form the Parliament Building Corporation a separate legal  entity.

Now Politicians or their friends will open a XYZ new company in a tax heaven country . The company name we call it  ABC Corporation.

ABC Corporation will buy the shares of Construction Company in UK, the company name is  XYZ  Corporation.

ABC Company got the 51% shares in XYZ Corporation, which got the technology to repair building that is Parliament.

Now  Parliament building Corporation that is controlled by Politicians will say that we will repair the Parliament building using Public and Private Partership.

XYZ Company will be given contract and terms of the contract will be like this.

The land will be given to XYZ Company for 99 years on the rent of Rs. One Only.

State Bank of India  will give Loan of One Billion  American dollars to
XYZ Company on the zero interest as it is Public Private Partnership initiative

Now XYZ Company will buy the shares of Parliament Building Corporation, Xyz Company will get 40% shares.

30% shares of the parliament corporation will be given to another Indian company.

The company suggested by opposition political party leaders.

30% remaining shares will be sold off in future.

Now in this way XYZ Company from UK or America will become legal owner of Indian Parliament building .

However, the true owners will be Indians whom we will never know.

The above plan is to illustrate and show that on the name of PPP that is public private partnership our Indian resources and properties are being sold like a useless  stone, which has no value.

There is no intention to hurt any one 

Private people are making money because of PPP and we Indian citizens get nothing out of  such PPP initiatives.

If you will file Right to Information application to such PPP initiatives you will understand  the majority state holder will not give you any information and government will agree with that you will end up visiting  local court, high court and then Supreme Court of India.

Using PPP that is Public Private Partnership Mumbai Airport, Delhi Airport was sold so why not Indian Parliament in future any Politician will ask this

India needs a law, which will control and lay the guidelines for PPP.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Bikram August 31, 2012  

I am sure that will be in motion someone somewhere is probably doing it


MEcoy August 31, 2012  

i rememeber this report on TV that some of our island here was being sold too