10 July 2012

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Sting IBN Cobrapost exposes eight Bollywood Film Director Producers and Money laundering Black Money Use

Sting IBN Cobrapost exposes eight Bollywood Film Director Producers and Money laundering Black Money Use

IBN Cobrapost investigative team exposes real dirty picture of Bollywood.

Producers accept that money laundering is common in Bollywood.
Top film personalities tell how the black money becomes white money in Bollywood.

IBN Cobrapost expose how black money is paid to actors the real dirty picture

Cobrapost reporters went undercover and brought the real dirty picture before the world.

Invest money in black and get returns in white.

Anubhav Sinha – Film Director
You can invest in movie anonymously and your name will not be on the film posters.
If you will invest black money in my film, I will multiply it.

Vashu Bhagnani –
Caught discussing black money
We will do the agreement that is similar to what is happening in last sixty years.
We will share the profits, you will get the distribution rights, and your black money will become white money.
From ticket sales, your black money becomes white and we share profits.
I sale you distribution rights.
I take nine Crores, Rs.3 Crore only through cheque.

Anees Bazmee –
Caught discussing Black Money
Give me Rs.4 Crore in cash and Rs. 1 Crore through cheque
Black money business in Bollywood is similar to property business.

Payal Rohatgi –
Actor Payal Rohatgi was caught asking for cash.
Rs. 25 Lakh in cash and Rs. 5 Lakh through cheque.

Aarti Chabria and her Parents –
Her parents ask for 50% cash payment.

Producer Sandeep Marwah –
You can pay by cash and cheque both ways.
He accepted 90% cash deal proposal.
I have no problem of Black money investing in films.

Shailesh R Singh –Film Producer

Currently CNN IBN is broadcasting the sting operation details.
You can watch the CNN IBN TV channel.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Rachit July 11, 2012  

nothing new.... there are more bitter things hidden in the screen world... and we foolish people treat them as our God... :(
Weakest LInk

Terminally Ill Offical Dank July 11, 2012  


MEcoy July 11, 2012  

black money is black money no matter how you spend it

Easy July 12, 2012  

Hmm.. black money; cool concept

deeps July 12, 2012  

That’s scam filmy style

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