20 July 2012

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Need of the Hour Judicial activism for Supreme Court of India like Pakistan Supreme Court

Need of the Hour Judicial activism for Supreme Court of India like Pakistan Supreme Court

Time has come  we Indian citizens must learn to say this

Constitution of India is Supreme and Not the Politicians
Class of Politician is a servant of every Indian.

India got the separation of power concept in Constitution of India

The three organs of the State, the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, must respect each other, and must not ordinarily encroach into each other's domain, otherwise the system cannot function properly.

To safeguard the interest of citizens of Pakistan Supreme Court of Pakistan is trying to open corruption cases against President of Pakistan.

If you are aware, you must know that directly or indirectly, all the Pakistan Politicians are backing the President and no one ready to open the alleged corruption case against President.

But SC of Pakistan without any fear is trying to give justice to citizens of Pakistan.

Today in India We see, that SC of India is not giving harsh and strict judgments and observations regarding politicians.

Every now and then contempt of SC happens no one obeys the orders of the SC of India if he got the money or power.

Examples –
1 -
Khap Panchayat orders

2 -
In Air India case, also SC told them to settle problems and did not punish anyone

3 –
Ramdev Baba beating case one female died but no one got punishment

4 –
Filing of false affidavits by Politicians in Elections or cases

5 –
Lawyers giving sick application in one court and same time arguing in another  court

6 –
Police Reforms what happened to that order

In jail rich people and politicians get good treatment  poor criminals  who do petty crimes do not get any facility

Now we know that IPL is nothing but entertainment but state government gives them tax exemptions, which are not good for India as we do not have money to build good schools our schools are held under tree.

Above list is never ending.

If we want an honest India, I think now Honorable Supreme Court of India should start to give danda [stick] on the ass of the people who do not obey SC directions.

Common man is afraid of politicians and investigative agencies.

Thus, he will rarely unite against the legislature and executive.
Today in India except Judiciary, we can say that  legislature and executive both work for the benefit of each other.

I do not know they work for the benefit of India or not
If you think they work for the benefit of India then that is great news for me.

Supreme Court of India got the power to take cognizance of cases, this means that just by hearing a media report Supreme Court of India can demand the details and then order the CBI or police investigation.
But Indian Supreme Court of India rarely uses this power.

This happened in the case of Ramdev Baba SC ordered investigation after media reports .

In America  1st amendment gives power to American citizens.
But in India, we Indian citizens do not have that power.

Because of 1st Amendment and free speech, it is legal if you want to protest by becoming nude in public place.

Can this happen in India?

We Indian citizens are so afraid that many even avoid the roads on which police station or court is

Majority are so coward and selfish that they will not even help the dying man on the road
Why ?
Answer is fear Indians are good but fear does not allow them do-good things.

Few people say that  judicial action activism is bad it is duty of people to fight and get justice.

But this applies to the strong citizens who are aware about their rights this does not apply to the citizens who are afraid of politicians and investigative agencies.

Let’s hope  Supreme Court of India in near future will start to give danda on the ass of politicians and every Indian who is dishonest

Demand and Support Supreme Court Activism

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Friday, July 20, 2012

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MEcoy July 21, 2012  

no matter who you are how big you may be you always have to follow laws on the constitution that separates us from the animals

Destination Infinity July 21, 2012  

I think it is more important to elect the right people instead of asking the Supreme Court or any other court to proactively (or reactively) punish politicians.

Destination Infinity