09 July 2012

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Know 11 ways methods to detect Rs.500 counterfeit notes

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Know 11 ways methods to detect Rs.500 counterfeit notes

Learn to identify if Rs.500 note is fake or original

Know 11 points or facts about Rs.500 Note

Following are the 11 ways to detect Rs.500 counterfeit notes.

See the number on the above note to find the location where to check
Click Middle button wheel on the mouse so full image of note will open on the new tab or window.

See through Register –
The floral designs printed on the front and reverse in the middle of the vertical band next to the watermark window has the denominational numeral 500. Both the printed portions have an accurate back-to-back registration so that the numeral appears as one when seen against light.

Watermark –
Hidden portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the multidirectional lines and an electrotype mark showing the numeral 500 appear in this section. It can be seen better when viewed against light.

Optically variable ink –
The color of the numeral 500 appears green when the banknote is held flat, but would change to blue when tilted to an angle.

Fluorescence –
The banknote series, number panel, security thread and few particles [scattered in a note] will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Security Thread –
It will have bharat, RBI and 500 inscriptions on it and the thread will change color from green to blue when viewed from different angles. The thread is visible as a continuous line from behind when viewed against light.

Intaglio Printing –
The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the Reserve bank seal and Paanch Sau rupiye are printed in intaglio-raised ink, which can be felt by touch.


Latent Image
The vertical band on the extreme right of the bank note contains a latent hidden image of the numeral 500, which can be seen when the note is held at eye level

Micro lettering –
The letters RBI and 500 can be viewed with the help of magnifying glass in the zone between Mahatma Gandhi portrait and the vertical band.

Identification Mark –
A circle with intaglio print, which can be felt by touch, helps the visually impaired to identify the denomination.

Year of Printing –
Year of Printing appears on the reverse of the banknote.

See through Register –
The floral designs printed on the front and back fit into each other and appear as one when seen against light.

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Monday, July 09, 2012


MEcoy July 09, 2012  

our peso bill here in the Philippines also has a lot of security markings maybe the same as this

Renu July 09, 2012  

very useful info, but cumbersome to remember all that:(

P.N. Subramanian July 09, 2012  

Very useful information indeed.

Bikram July 09, 2012  

Thanks for all the info.


padmaja July 09, 2012  

Though hard to remember, we can get used to them once we start using them, very useful post, thanks!

deeps July 09, 2012  

useful info, maybe you can add the details about other denominations too...