17 July 2012

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Maharashtra Police Do and Don’ts for Kids, Women Residential Security Servants

Maharashtra Police Do and Don’ts for Kids, Women Residential Security Servants

Following are the Do and Don’ts for the safety of everyone.

Do -

Do evacuate people immediately to a safe distance.

Open all windows & doors.

Place sand bags around the suspected object.

Inform bomb disposal squad.

Inform fire brigade, Hospital & Ambulance.


Do not touch or remove the object unless you are duty bound.

Do not open the package. Do not puncture package.

Do not submerge packet into water.

Do not accept identification marks on its face value.

Do not pass metallic object over the package.

Do not direct flash light directly over the suspected object.

Do not cut the strings or wire.

Do not bring suspected device in security control room or police station. Always remove the people and not the bomb from scene.

Do not attempt to open the baggage by hand.

 Do not be a dead-hero.

 You can reconstruct a building or house but you cannot recreate a dead man alive.

Children and Women Safety –

Say “NO”:-
No one has the right to tease you or sexually harass you. No one has the right to make you uncomfortable, whether you are at home or on the streets, whether in school, college or in a social gathering.
No one has the right to beat you, torture you physically or mentally, or force use on you in any way. No matter what your relationship is with this person.
Violence against you is not your fault. Violence is not anyone’s right. Do not hesitate; do not be afraid to call for help.
Call 103 – 24 hour helpline for crime against children, women and senior citizens in Mumbai and the police will be there immediately to take action. It is up to you to make that call.

Security of Residential Area –

Hire qualified / experienced chowkidars only

Check the antecedents / credentials of chowkidars and domestic servants before hiring them. Insist on references from their previous employers. Furnish their full particulars to your police station in the format suggested by them

Always employ different chowkidars for day and night duties

Secretaries of Societies are advised to brief all the security men / chowkidars / lift men about various aspects of security. Some of these are:
To make an enquiry if a taxi or auto-rickshaw is seen parked inside the compound or outside the building for a long time.
To inform the police in case they find any vehicle parked inside the building (if ownership is not known) for a long time.

Secretaries of societies are advised to brief all residents on the following:     
Whenever they employ a new servant, the local police station should be informed. His or her photographs, fingerprints and other details should be obtained and submitted to local police station.
They should be advised to install a door with iron bars inside the flat, superior quality night latches and special eye lens on the main door.   Ideally, interaction with strangers and vendors should be through the grilled door. High wattage light source with pilfer proof cover outside the main door should be installed.
They should not keep huge amounts of cash, valuable ornaments etc., in the house.
They should avoid discussing money transactions and other important family matters in the presence of servants/ outsiders.
They should not humiliate servants on petty matters. Nor should they penalize them for small damages.

It is important to inform the police about any suspicious happening or unclaimed object found in suspicious circumstances. Extend full cooperation to the police.

A special register should be maintained in every society and kept in the custody of the chowkidar or in the society's office. Whenever Police officers visit the area, they should get an entry in such registers.
Ensuring safety of your home
Access Control 
A video-door-bell and surveillance cameras could be of added advantage.


If a visitor has any package to deliver, please check the authenticity of the courier. Preferably, an adult member from the household should confirm this aspect before permitting the delivery man inside the house. Children, aged-persons, & servants should be briefed suitably in this regard.
Obtain a photograph, permanent residential address, and at least two references before employing a new servant. Contact the referee on phone/ mail and checkup the details given by the prospective servant before employing him.

Do not disclose your tour program or appointments to servants or any other person who is not connected with it.

Source – Maharashtra Mumbai Police

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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MEcoy July 17, 2012  

i agree on this as of now here in our country the crime including our policemen themsleves were rising to the point that people aren't sure about their security but still i do believe thers still a bunch of heroic and loyal police out there that are working not for money but for their sworn duties