02 July 2012

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Actor Sohail Khan Car Kills 70 Year female police register case

Actor Sohail Khan Car Kills 70 Year female police register case
Updated on Monday, July 02, 2012


Sunday –
Time – 11 PM

IBN reported that a 70-year-old woman was allegedly mowed down to death by a car that allegedly belonged to Bollywood actor Sohail Khan.

Sohail Khan is the younger brother of actors Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan. He produces films under his banner Sohail Khan Productions.

The police have registered a case of rash driving and causing death by negligence against the driver of the car, driver is in police custody now.

Police will now find out who was driving car Sohail Khan or a driver
Police will try to find out Sohail Khan was present, sitting, in the car or not or was he driving the car?

Nothing is going to happen such accidents keep happening in India.

No value of a human life.

Suggested Reform -

Car accident should be treated as planned murder by the driver of the car and his owner.

The person driving should get capital punishment.

And owner should pay One Crore Indian Rupees to the family of deceased.

Currently what happens after accident poor family keeps crying and rich people keep smiling who cares for the death.

Few days’ back a pregnant lady was killed what happened nothing.

Updated on Monday, July 02, 2012
Police told to media that the car was registered in the name of Arbaaz Khan, his brother Sohail was using it.
Dhananjay Pimpale was produced before a local court on Monday that released him on a bond of Rs 10,000.

Times reported that old woman was crossing the road when the actor's car came speeding and hit her. She was taken to Bhabha hospital where she was declared dead.

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Monday, July 02, 2012

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chitra July 02, 2012  

Like you said nothing would happen..Money speaks...

रविकर July 02, 2012  

ch ch
bechaaraa -
driver ko bhej dega

Usha July 02, 2012  

Few years back Salman killed few sleeping people on the road..don't remember what exactly happened but he is free today..you are right, there is no value for poor people and agree with you about capital punishment and financial compensation.

Let us see how they will end this case?

Renu July 02, 2012  

I dont think everyone can give 1 crore or capital punishment is the solution....

We need to have stringent rules, strict and vigilant officers.

just the other day I saw a child being mowed down by a motorcyclist..in front of his parents and me in a place where nobody could think it could happen..the Motorcylist was not a rich man

so we shouldnt think of this in the rich and poor context, instead a traffic problem and how it can be solved.

deeps July 02, 2012  

In all the likelihood, we wont hear much news on this again…

Bikram July 02, 2012  

yes .. the CAR is a weapon for sure and shud be treated like that ..

and you are right nothing is going ot happen .. as the program on SMJ many drivers dont even see a SINGLE day in jail for such accidents


Saru Singhal July 02, 2012  

I read about it. Things are very easy for those with money. I don't believe on who was driving.