01 June 2012

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Uttar Pradesh State Debt How much is the Debt of UP state Debt Rs. 2.2 Lakh Crore

Uttar Pradesh State Debt How much is the Debt of UP state Debt Rs. 2.2 Lakh Crore

According to state government report Uttar Pradesh's debt burden is estimated to be more than Rs. 2.2 lakh Crore in year 2012-13.

The state government has projected a debt burden of Rs. 2, 28,476.16 Crore in 2012-2013, which would be 31.4 per cent of the gross state domestic product (GSDP).

The state will be required to pay the interest of Rs. 16,617.56 Crore because of the above debt.

Population of the Uttar Pradesh is 20 Crore.

Total debt divided by total population = debt of individual

Debt burden of each individual of up will be more than Rs. 11,400

Year 2004-05 - debt burden of the state was Rs. 1, 21,126.55 Crore and fiscal deficit was Rs. 12,997 Crore

Year 2011-12 – debt burden of the state is Rs. 2, 10,404.83 Crore and
For this period now fiscal deficit is estimated around Rs. 21,570 Crore.

Now do you see government is taking more and more loans, the government is paying more and more interest on the debt?

From this you can see that government is not trying to repay the loans and make the state a debt Free State and interest Free State.

So much loan but where is the progress?

Who has become rich politicians his friends and kids or you.

If your state got the debt and you see zero progress that means your politician and your political parties are bad and not good.

If your politician is becoming rich that also means that the political party and politician both are corrupt.

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Friday, June 01, 2012

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virendra sharma June 02, 2012  

सत्यम किम प्रमाणं .. शैम्फुल स्टेट ऑफ़ अफ्फैर्स ..कृपया यहाँ भी पधारें -

शगस डिजीज (Chagas Disease)आखिर है क्या ?
शगस डिजीज (Chagas Disease)आखिर है क्या ?

माहिरों ने इस अल्पज्ञात संक्रामक बीमारी को इस छुतहा रोग को जो एक व्यक्ति से दूसरे तक पहुँच सकता है न्यू एच आई वी एड्स ऑफ़ अमेरिका कह दिया है .

गत साठ सालों में छ: इंच बढ़ गया है महिलाओं का कटि प्रदेश (waistline),कमर का घेरा
साधन भी प्रस्तुत कर रहा है बाज़ार जीरो साइज़ हो जाने के .


Michael June 02, 2012  

Thats sad, wish there was no debt for everyone. I agree with the last part about politicians.

chitra June 02, 2012  

When will we progress? Everywhere debt is projected what will happen to our country?