28 June 2012

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Understand Know New IIT Engineering Jee Main Exam Pattern Procedure for Year 2013

Understand Know New IIT Engineering Jee Main Exam Pattern Procedure for Year 2013

After lot of discussions now The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Council on Wednesday struck a compromise with the human resource development ministry on the new pattern of entrance examinations.

Procedure - new pattern for IIT exams for the year 2013

There will be two exams,
The joint entrance examination (JEE) "main"
Followed by the JEE "advanced".

There will be time gap between main and advance exam.

The JEE "main" will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and it will coordinate with the IITs. It will be implemented from 2013.

Only top 150,000 candidates (including all categories) from the JEE "main" will be qualified to appear in the JEE "advanced" examination.

Admission to IITs will be based on the rank in the "advanced" exam

Only students who come in among the top 20 percent scorers in their respective board will be considered eligible for the IITs.
Because of this 80% students will lose the opportunity what if intelligent student because of sickness does make up into the top 20% and lose it only for 1%

The "advanced" exam will be held by the IITs, just like the IIT- JEE. It will be conducted by a Joint Admission Board (JAB) and Joint Implementation Committee of the IITs, the same which so far conducted the JEE.

Admission to several deemed universities will also be on the basis of scores in the "main" exam, which earlier took students on basis of AIEEE scores. Minimum percentage criteria will be fixed for these too.

Admission to the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) will be based on the "main" exam score. A final decision on methodology of admission is pending. A meeting of representatives from the NITs is scheduled for July 4.
Government says this will reduce the pressure on students but now because of only 20% students from the board will get selected for IIT; the pressure will increase to be in top 20%.

This is going to be boon for private coaching classes as now they can advertisement come join our class and be in top 20%.

If parents are intelligent they will see that their intelligent kid gives exam from another state where his uncle or aunt stays because in that state 20% percentile rank is less thus his chances will increase to be in top 20% board students.

Example –
Parent P got the Son who scores 75 to 80% in each exam and in 12th exam also he will score 80% to 85%
Currently he is studying in   D board.
Now as per rules - D board top 20% range is 85 to 95% so the son of
Parent P is not eligible for the IIT

Parent P his brother stays in U state where top 20% range is 70 to 80%

Now in this case Parent P is intelligent he decides to send his son to State U at his brother place and he gets admission there and secures 80% and he gets into top 20% of the U board.

Let’s hope they will come out with a clean procedure which will fill all the loopholes.

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Renu June 28, 2012  

they are making unnecessarily complicated and stressful for the students..

रविकर June 28, 2012  

उत्कृष्ट पृष्ट |

P.N. Subramanian June 28, 2012  

Very informative. Aspirants at home were apprised.

Anonymous,  November 17, 2012  

Thanks a lot guys for this information......
But I am a student studying in class 9th and the too outside India....
So the education here is very poor......But,
I am very much interested to join in IIT,
So, could someone suggest some good books.....
Please I expect a genuine answer.....