04 June 2012

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Photo BJP President Nitin Gadkari touches the feets of Baba Ramdev

Photo BJP President Nitin Gadkari touches the feets of Baba Ramdev

Today Baba Ramdev met to BJP President Nitin Gadkari.
After that BJP President touched Baba Ramdevs feet to show respect.

Income tax department is investigating Baba Ramdev.

Nitin Gadkari told to media that Our culture is that when there is a sanyasi, we seek his blessings and he touched the feets of baba Ramdev.

Who is sanyasi?

Sanyasi is a person who does not make money, he don’t do any type of business.

Thus BJP president has made a mistake by touching his feets.

Indian politicians can do anything to get the votes but will not do anything to stop corruption or bring back money.

Now does BJP will give in writing that all black money will be declared as a national property as soon as it’s detected found by tax department.

Now do you think Nitin Gadkari should touch the feets of Advani also as well as PM Manmohan Singh as they are elders.

Whatever people say about Ramdev Baba , ignore it and  support his demand to bring black money and declare black money as a national property.Don’t Support Ramdev Baba if you do not like him but Support his demand.Demand is good and perfect.

Photo showing Nitin Gadkari touching feets of Baba Ramdev

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Monday, June 04, 2012

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Michael June 04, 2012  

Oh wow, this is surprising. Thanks

Bikram June 04, 2012  

well SM i agree with you that we shud support what the demand is ..
but in the current crop of leaders whoevewr they are I feel they are all the same end of the day ..

bjp-congress whatever party no one does anything and even if one party wants to do something , the other party always pulls them down..

WHat is the problem in making the lokpal bill if all these leaders are pure and have nothing to hide.. when will this little common sense come to us all indians.. because in a few years time when the elections come we will be VOTING for the same people again .. no matter what ..


mukesh567 June 04, 2012  

who will decide the definition of SANYASI?

R. Ramesh June 04, 2012  

totally with u on this buddy..had a chance to meet kiran bedi in dubai this week...like u said...whether v like these Anna team guys or not..the issue shold not be ignored...everyone has to get united and fight to get back black money....think yar..$500 b black money..it should be distributed to indians...it is our money..gosh..v need a leader..

Bhup June 22, 2012  

I see no objection Gadkari touching Baba Ramdev's feet. He is doing a great job in his field [Yoga] PLUS he is also doing what 'others' were suppose to do. Cleaning the Dirty Politics.
Regarding touching Advani's or manmohan's feet.. well. they certainly dont deserve that respect. Please first understand the concept behind "touching the feet"