13 June 2012

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Mumbai 2 Females Sue Police for 1 Crore each for defamation and wrongful detention

Mumbai 2 Females Sue Police for 1 Crore each  for defamation and wrongful detention


Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble heads social service branch.

Last  week police raided  a restaurant in Andheri and arrested 2 sisters for being prostitutes.

Now the two sisters have filed sued the police for 1 crore each for defamation and wrongful detention.

Both sisters say they were attending a birthday party and have submitted documents in court to establish the source of their income.

Why this case is important?

Normally Indian citizens are very afraid of Police and Politicians, whatever may happen , whatever police and politicians may do  Indian citizens will not oppose it and will not dare to go to court of law.

Now in this case Court will not give them Rs.1 Crore  let’s hope if they get fine of Rs. 1000  [ Rs. One Thousand only ].

Our Indian laws are useless and there is no value for human rights and stress.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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रविकर June 13, 2012  

जुल्मों का विरोध होना ही चाहिए -
बधाई दोनों को -

Bikram June 13, 2012  

wait and watch .. lets see what the decision is


Renu June 13, 2012  

thats true, In india if you are in trouble and see a policeman, you want to avoid him, whereas in US if you see a policeman, you feel relieved and safe.

Jose Ruiz December 02, 2012  

@ रविकर फैजाबादी thanks.