23 June 2012

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In Depth Maharashtra Mantralaya Fire Expose Fire to destroy scam files Who is guilty for negligence

In Depth Maharashtra Mantralaya Fire Expose Fire to destroy scam files Who is guilty for negligence

The Mantralaya is the State Secretariat and houses the offices of all ministers of the Maharashtra government.
Mantralaya Building is located in the heart of South Mumbai very near to the Mumbai High Court.

On Thursday massive fire broke out at the Mantralaya building in Mumbai The fire killed five people and injured as many as 16

Fire started around 2.35pm on Thursday.
fire brigade officers took more than 12 hours to doused the fire.
The cooling process is expected to take two days.
After  30 minutes  the first fire engine to arrive at the fire site.
Others allege that fire extinguishers inside government offices were not working.

a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) official said that fire brigade received the first call informing about the blaze at 2:46 PM, following which 3 fire engines, 2 water tankers, and an ambulance were rushed to the spot.

Contingents of the anti-terror force-Force One and Quick Response Teams of Mumbai police assisted the fire brigade in trying to bring the blaze under control.

Fire officials told to media that nearly 3000 government employees and as many visitors were removed safely after the blaze started.

Names of the persons who died in Fire

1.Mira Road resident Mohan More, 45, a peon in the CM's office

2.Virar resident Tukaram More, 56, a retired peon who had gone to Mantralaya to complete pension fund formalities

3.Shivaji Korde, 43, from Akola

4.Mahesh Gughule, 44

5.Umesh Potekar, 39—Korde

Fire has brought work at Mantralaya, the state's administrative headquarters, to a standstill.

Fire destroyed floors four through seven.
Fire destroyed 2,000 of 3,500 computers.
4.82 crore data pages missing  may be destroyed by fire.
CCTV cameras placed on fifth and sixth floors were badly damaged

Deputy Chief Minister said that The CM's committee room and cabinet hall were completely destroyed in the fire but there was absolutely no damage to Chavan's personal chamber. It is surprising,"

Chief Minister told to media that if there is a need, we will involve forensic experts from abroad too,"

The Chief Secretary has directed the PWD to carry out structural audit once the building is declared safe by the fire department.

Fire officials told to media that building had no fire detection or sprinkler systems.

The fire destroyed
The offices of Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan,
Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar,
The Chief Secretary
Several other ministers.

The crime branch, which has formed four teams to probe the fire and find the reason behind the fire.
Crime Branch officers told to media that they  will carry out the probe to ascertain if it was a case of sabotage or an accident

Media reported that preliminary reports said an overloaded AC system may have led to a short circuit in or near chamber 411 on the fourth floor, sparking the inferno that destroyed floors four through seven

The fire destroyed  the files of the revenue, the UDD, the home, the housing, cooperative and energy departments.

Media also reported that all revenue land records and development/redevelopment permissions files were gutted in the fire.

But many people think that the aim was to destroy the corruption files or other important documents, reports of various departments.

Many people thought that Adarsh Building Scam documents file got destroyed but  Politicians said that  Adarsh scam file is with CBI.

Truth will only come before the High Court.

The Chief Minister  said if the building is found structurally unstable, it could be redeveloped by the government and not a private developer.

Media reported that the audit report, dated 2008, shows that fire extinguishers and alarms were not working at the Mantralaya or the state Secretariat.

Now question is what they did in 4 years regarding that audit?

Now what will happen Government will order  an enquiry and nothing will change.

Who is responsible for the fire?

Who is responsible for the negligence?

No one is responsible and no one will get the punishment.

Guilty will be transferred to higher position.

Do you think Guilty should be tried for the murder as 5 people died because of fire?

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Renu June 23, 2012  

As Shekhar Kapoor said.why cant they digitise?

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Why Ministers and Babu's spend on tour while Video conference system is in place

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Good work ,good translation keeping the soul of the song.