29 June 2012

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CWG Scam CBI to close Prasar Bharti Zoom Communication Sis live case no one guilty no crime happend

CWG Scam CBI to close Prasar Bharti Zoom Communication Sis live case no one guilty no crime happend

India –
Delhi –

In its report, the Shunglu committee had fixed the responsibility for providing "undue benefit" to SIS-Live and Zoom Communications primarily on Lalli and Sharma and said they cannot be recused from the acts of omission and commission.

Media reported that because of CWG corruption Indian citizens suffered loss of more than 100 Crore Rupees.

CWG scam corruption case in which corruption happened in everything.
CWG made profits for rich Indian while CWG made Indian government poor, Indian government means Citizens of India.

CWG scam -
Sub scam name is - awarding broadcasting rights contract which includes
Prasar Bharti Zoom Communication Sis live

After media uproar last year CBI filed a case against Ex. Prasar Bharti CEO BS Lalli and managing director of Delhi-based Zoom Communications Wasim Dehlvi, who is also the resident director of UK-based SIS Live

The case was filed under following sections –
Section 120-B and 420 of Indian Penal Code

The CBI had alleged that a major portion of Rs 246 crore contract given to UK-based SIS Live by Prasar Bharti for "production and coverage" of Commonwealth Games was sub-contracted to Zoom Communications for only Rs 176 crore resulting in loss of nearly Rs 100 crore to the exchequer.

Thus loss of Rs.100 Crore.

Now media has reported that CBI found nothing and CBI will close the case of alleged fraud and criminal conspiracy against the then Prasar Bharti CEO BS Lalli in awarding broadcasting rights contract of Commonwealth Games.
Don’t worry, as laws are full of loop -holes we will see that CWG scan never happened and no one is guilty.

Example – To understand how  scam was happened and Indiac citizens suffered loss of Rs.100 Crore

Game event for that programming was required.
Now there are 3 companies
One government [company No.1]

One private based in India [company No.2]

One private based in UK - Indian based company is also related with Company No.2. [UK is company no.3]

Now in this case what happened? 

Company No.1 gave [ who is capable to do everything but they planned and ] gave contract to UK based company in 250 Crore Rupess.

Now Company no.3 that is UK based company gave contract to do that programming to Indian based company in Rs. 150 Crore and earn profit of Rs. 100 Crore in one stroke.

Now the question is why company No.1 did not gave contract directly to company no.2 that is based in India and saved Rs. 100 Crore.

When company no.1 got everything to do that programming why then they gave contract?

This is the way scam happened and Indian citizens suffered loss of Rs. 100 Crore.

We need a simple law and reform –

If in any government contract India suffers a loss the concern politician and concern department head officer will be given a death sentence or 1000 years of Jail without parole.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

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Michael June 29, 2012  

Death sentence or 1000 years in prison would probably get them to change their mind lol.

Bart June 29, 2012  

i like this blog, cause it keeps me up to date with things that are going on in india, otherwise i would never have kwown

ashok June 29, 2012  

agree with Bart...thanks SM

DWei June 30, 2012  

I'm not sure what happened here. A scam was successful and the guilty party wasn't punished?

SM June 30, 2012  


Yes scam happened legally.