30 May 2012

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WikiLeaks Julian Assange loses appeal will he be extradited to Sweden or USA Julian gets 14 days time to appeal a rare opportunity

WikiLeaks Julian Assange loses appeal will he be extradited to Sweden or USA
Julian gets 14 days time to appeal a rare opportunity 

Julian Assange is a founder of Wikileaks, a site which brings truth in the domain of public, the truth how government and politicians work.

He has been living under tight restrictions on his movement for 540 days, including wearing an ankle tag and reporting daily to police.

He was not present in the court when the verdict was announced.

After 18 month legal battle Britain's Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face accusations of sex offences.

The seven judges were split five to two.

Supreme Court President Nicholas Phillips said that the request for Assange's extradition has been lawfully made and his appeal against extradition is accordingly dismissed,"

Assange's lawyer Dinah Rose asked the judge for 14 days to consider whether to apply to reopen the case on the grounds that the judgment referred to material not argued in the court during the last hearing in February.

The judge granted the request.

This is the first time the Supreme Court has agreed to receive a challenge to one of its rulings. It happened in the past when the House of Lords was the England’s highest court.

Now comes the important part, after 2 weeks Julian can be extradited to Sweden but in mean time now if USA government plans and acts he will be directly sent to USA as his website has published the U.S. government documents.

But if this happens it will damage the reputation of Sweden as a nation so Julian won’t go to U.S to face criminal case in USA.

US soldier Bradley Manning is facing a court-martial over accusations that he handed documents to WikiLeaks.

Last December, Fairfax Media obtained the release under freedom of information of Australian Embassy cables that in December 2010 reported to Canberra that WikiLeaks was the target of an “unprecedented” US criminal probe

The released cables show that the Australian embassy in Washington confirmed from US officials the US Justice Department was conducting an ''active and vigorous inquiry into whether Julian Assange can be charged under US law, most likely the 1917 Espionage Act''.

But chances are that in Sweden he will face lot of trouble, other cases may get slapped on him.

For next 14 days the judgment is stayed and in this period lawyers may file the appeal to reopen the case.

Let’s hope in 14 days of time the appeal is filed and he wins the case.

Another option for Julian is to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

In a statement issued following the ruling, the Swedish Prosecution Authority (Ă…klagarmyndigheten) said that the UK court's decision meant that "Julian Assange will be surrendered to Sweden within 10 days after a legally binding judgment".

Otherwise one more voice who speaks against government will get silenced forever or few months or years.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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wizardOZZ May 31, 2012  

very interesting, thanks for sharing

Poster May 31, 2012  

wow, and this is what you get for awaring public of governments secrets

sundersartwork May 31, 2012  

Well i hope he goes to Sweden , im fairly sure Britain will not defend him, we have thsi ridiculous exchange system that is so unfairly balanced toward America. IM quite cynical though, i think if he does not get arrested, hell get murdered.

Baur May 31, 2012  

He just needs to be locked up