17 May 2012

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UP Rs. 55 Crore Palm Tree Scam in Ex CM Mayawati Raj

UP Rs. 55 Crore Palm Tree Scam in Ex CM Mayawati Raj

Palm Tree Plantation Scam
Scam Amount Rs.55 Crore
Method – Same Method, buy a 10 Rupee item paying 100 Rs.

In which year Palm Tree Scam happened?
Year 2010 to 2011

37,000 palm trees were imported from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh for the parks and monuments.

A tree costing Rs 5000 was purchased at Rs 25,000.
A sum of over Rs 55 Crore was reportedly paid for the imported trees.

Rs 10,000 per tree was paid to the contractors for planting at monuments in Lucknow and Noida.

The total trees bought, only around 10% survived.

Police investigation has also revealed that hundreds of trees which were not planted are still lying at different places in the city, while many have been dumped in the ponds.

This shows that no study was done and another thing is I think India do not have any trees so they bought from outside India.

We need reforms; we need to say no to Imports if it’s available in India.

Every Country should say no to imports if it’s available in their own nation.

Corruption and Scam is our religion so do you think we should be proud of every corruption.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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