23 May 2012

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Rs.7.50 Petrol Price Hike Know in which city what will be cost of Petrol From midnight

Rs.7.50 Petrol Price Hike Know in which city what will be cost of Petrol From midnight

Petrol prices have been increased by Rs. 7.50 a litre from midnight.

Petrol in Delhi currently costs Rs. 65.64 a litre and after the increase it will be priced at Rs. 73.14 per litre.

In Mumbai, the petrol now costs Rs. 70.66 but after midnight it will go up to Rs. 78.16.

Kolkata too faces the pressure with the petrol now costing Rs. 77.53 from Rs. 70.03.

Cost of petrol in Chennai will see a steep hike of Rs. 7.50 to 77.05 from Rs. 69.55.

Currently in China petrol price is nearly Rs.48 per liter.

USA per gallon petrol price is 3.790 $
1 Gallon is nearly 4 liters

In International market price of the petrol got reduced but in India to increase profits
government increase the price.

There is no need to increase the prices.

Another reason for petrol hike is nothing but you should forget about corruption, you should not talk about corruption but we should talk about petrol and not the corruption.

Government got other options to collect taxes but government is afraid to tax rich Indians and tax the corruption and declare the names of black money holders in India.

All politicians are united so support the Anna Hazare.

Best Solution is Jan Lokpal Bill = Honest and corruption free India

this is the gift to the Indian citizens for not supporting Anna Hazare.

What is next?
Now be ready to get only 8 LPG gas cylinders a year and pay Rs.1200 per gas cylinder.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan May 24, 2012  

A very steep hike in petrol prices.
Public transport should be used by all car owners to the extent possible.

chitra May 24, 2012  

Common man has to suffer for everything. Is this what is meant by austerity measures?

Destination Infinity May 24, 2012  

Sheer mismanagement. The voice of the public will be heard during elections.

Destination Infinity