05 May 2012

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Read this and support the nuclear energy where is safest Nuclear Plant which no terror organization can destroy

 Read this and support the nuclear energy where is safest Nuclear Plant which no terror organization can destroy

Yes Nuclear Power we need
Yes we trust the Nuclear power
Yes Nuclear power is the safest
Yes Nuclear power is the reliable source of power
Yes Nuclear power will fulfill our future needs also

Which type of Nuclear plant we want

We do not want nuclear plants in every nation

We do not want gardens and Parks making nuclear energy

We need only one nuclear plant which should be very big

The nuclear plant should have good distribution system

The power generated by plant should be shared by everyone on earth

The design should be forever  no need to make any changes

The design of the plant should full proof and perfect 

The nuclear plant should be free of radioactive waste 

No one should be able to destroy that nuclear plant 

No Government or No Terror Organization

But where is such nuclear Plant

Yes we got such nuclear plant already

Where is that nuclear plant
How that Nuclear plant works
Who invented that nuclear plant
Who is owner of that Nuclear Plant

The nuclear plant is  150,000,000 km away from us 

and we call it  SUN

Below is the photo of No.1 and Best Nuclear Plant

We don’t need any other nuclear Plant

Support Solar Energy

Say No to Nuclear Power Plant on Earth 

Sun is Enough for Power forever for Earth Citizens 

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

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a May 05, 2012  


Geojour May 05, 2012  

I used to oppose nuclear energy. Now it seems to be the only reasonable way - less of a carbon footprint for sure.

Jim May 05, 2012  

I still feel unsafe about nuclear energy

And May 06, 2012  

When I start reading the post I was feeling a little unconfortable about what you were saying but in the end I feel relieved! And I totally agree!

virendra sharma May 06, 2012  

For earth this is the inbuilt fusion power reactor.Thanks for this beautiful presentation .This is the only 'fool proof'nuclear factory on earth .

Baur May 06, 2012  

I agree nuclear energy is the future.

cs May 06, 2012  

Well, Nuclear Power IS a more reliable resource than fossil fuels

DWei May 06, 2012  

Throughout the entire post I was against you and then I realized you were talking about the sun.

I completely agree.

ashok May 06, 2012  

incidentally yesterday Japan moved out of Nuclear power once for all...

ashok May 06, 2012  

Still more research in needed on Solar energy to make it cheap and affordable and for mass production...But Iam sure the world is slowly moving towards alternate energy...

Steve May 06, 2012  

If only we could harness it more efficiently than the current tech in solar panels.

Renu May 07, 2012  

I have always thought of it, as I saw a friend of mine cooking in solar cooker and food was exceptionally tasty too, but govt has to find ways to make it popular, easily available and affordable too.specially in states like TN where sun is in abundance.

Content Hedgehog May 07, 2012  

The sun is indeed a good nuclear power plant.

Anonymous,  May 07, 2012  

Nuclear energy somehow freaks me and I think this notion is the reason why I am and many others are hesitant about it.

Anonymous,  May 19, 2012