07 May 2012

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No latrine for 22% Population of Delhi Capital of India but Indians Got Mobiles

No latrine for 22% Population of Delhi Capital of India but Indians Got Mobiles

According to 'Houselisting and Housing Census 2011' for Delhi released today,
89.5 per cent of the 33.40 lakh households in Delhi have a latrine in their premises
3.3 per cent are forced to defecate in open.

According to the data,
22.1 per cent of the 30,385 households in the city have no latrines in their premises.
20.2 per cent of the households which do not have latrine facilities use public toilets, while two per cent defecate in open.
North-East district and East district fared better in this regard where only 4.9 and 6.6 per cent of the households have no access to latrines in their premises.
In North East district, people in only 0.6 per cent of the 3.95 lakh households defecate in open while 4.2 per cent use public toilets.

The survey, meanwhile, found households having access to the drinking water facility within the premises marginally up from 74.9 per cent in 2001 to 78.4 percent in 2011.

In rural areas its 64.1 per cent up from 62.3 per cent in 2001, while in urban areas its 78.8 per cent up from 75.8 per cent for the last decade.

If you are foreigner in India , just travel by Train or Indian Rail and sit near the window and you will meet and see the real picture of India.
The best time is early mornings and late evening’s males and females both are forced to do it in open because of lack of  facilities.

In year 2008, UNICEF estimated that as many as 63.8 crore people, that is, 54 percent of the country's population, practice open defecation due to inadequate sanitation.

Census 2011 data on houses, household amenities and assets released today said 49.8 per cent Indian households defecate in open but in sharp contrast 63.2 per cent households own a telephone connection, 53.2 per cent of them a mobile.
Jharkhand tops the list with 77 per dent of households having no toilet facilities, followed by 76.6 per cent people in Odisha and 75.8 per cent population in Bihar.

Telephone density - Delhi and Union Territory Chandigarh 90.8 per cent and 89.2 per cent households respectively own telephone sets.

There is no drainage facility in 48.9 per cent households while another 33 per cent households have only open drainage system.

And few people say that India will be a super power, if capital got such facilities just think about Indian villages, what will be their condition.

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Monday, May 07, 2012

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virendra sharma May 07, 2012  

And still we flex our growth rate day in and day out .Shame for this sort of democracy where priorities are topsy -turvy .The govt of the day if any is in a state of great confusion.

virendra sharma May 07, 2012  

So what we are equipped now with antimissile defense system.

running4him May 08, 2012  

No Latrine, but mobiles!!! I am sorry, but I had to laugh on that one!!! Here it is similar in many places!!!

S. Susan Deborah May 08, 2012  

This is what I am campaigning for - Clean Toilets. I just hope the government pays attention.

Joy always,