08 May 2012

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Nevada Google gets First autonomous vehicle self-driving car license

Nevada Google gets First autonomous vehicle self-driving car license

Google was the first company to file for the new license
In February, Nevada approved the procedure for licensing self-driving cars.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued an autonomous vehicle license to Google. The license is the first of its kind, and will allow Google to test its self-driving cars on Nevada roadways

Google’s new license plate carries an infinity symbol and is red, meaning the car is still considered to be in testing.

Nevada DMV Department Director Bruce Breslow said. “The unique red plate will be easily recognized by the public and law enforcement and will be used only for licensed autonomous test vehicles.

The license plate that will be used to officially designate the autonomous vehicle will have a red background, with an infinity symbol on the left-hand side.

When the vehicles will be marketed for public it will become green that is infinity symbol will appear on a green license plate.

What are the requirements to file for license?

1.companies to put up a $1,000,000 cash deposit for every 5 vehicles being tested

2.submit a complete description of their autonomous technology

3.documentation detailing a safety plan for testing on public roadways

4.a plan for hiring and training operators for the test vehicles

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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