29 May 2012

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Know Procedure to get admission into IIT NIT Engineering Colleges after class 12 know about Jee Exam pattern for year 2013

 Know Procedure to get admission into IIT NIT Engineering Colleges after class 12 know about Jee Exam pattern  for  year 2013

From next year there will be only one exam for the admission to engineering colleges , IIT etc.

short info about  IIT , NIT IIIT so you will understand the importance of the JEE examination.

Central government-funded technical institutions (CFTIs) comprise
a)    15 IITs, the Institute of Technology
b)    30 National Institutes of Technology (NITs)
c)    five Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs)
d)    architecture schools
e)    Engineering colleges

IIT cities -
1.IIT Delhi
2.IIT Kanpur
3.IIT Powai
4.IIT Kharagpur
5.    IIT Chennai
6.IIT Guwahati
7.    IIT Roorkee
8.IIT Rajasthan
9.IIT Gandhinagar
10.IIT Patna
11.IIT Hyderabad
12.IIT Ropar
13.IIT Mandi
14.IIT Bhubaneswar
15.IIT Indore

NIT – 27 city names
1.NIT Calicut
2.NIT Srinagar
3.NIT Allahabad
4.NIT Durgapur
5.    NIT Nagpur
6.NIT Surthakal
7.    NIT Warangal
8.NIT Jaipur
9.NIT Rourkela
10.NIT Bhopal
11.NIT Tiruchirapalli
12.NIT Kurukshetra
13.NIT Silchar
14.NIT Hamirpur
15.NIT Patna
16.NIT Raipur
17.NIT Agartala
18.NIT Sikkim
19.NIT Arunachal Pradesh
20.NIT Meghalaya
21.NIT Nagaland
22.NIT Manipur
23.NIT Mizoram
24.NIT Uttarakhand
25.NIT GOa
26.NIT Delhi
27.NIT Puducherry

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Understand Know New IIT Engineering Jee Main Exam Pattern Procedure for Year 2013


Please the read above article regarding procedure.

Now government has decided to replace selection procedure of admission to Engineering colleges, IIT, IIIT, and NIT.

From next year there will be no   IIT-JEE and AIEEE

IIT-JEE and AIEEE are the two of the most established engineering examinations, for gaining admission into undergraduate engineering (BTech) courses.

From next year 2013 there will be only one examination to get admission into IIT NIT Engineering Colleges after class 12

What will be the procedure to get admission into IIT NIT Engineering Colleges from year 2013?

First say RIP to IIT-JEE and AIEEE

Now let’s move on so how to get admission into engineering college from next year?

Those students who have appeared in the Class XII Board examinations in 2012 and wish to improve their percentage  can appear again for the Board examinations in 2013.

A meeting of State Education Ministers’ is proposed for 5th June where the participation of States in the common national test process would be deliberated upon. States would have the freedom to join in the process and have the autonomy to determine their own relative weightages to normalized Class XII Board marks, performance in JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED.

From 2013, there will be two examinations , that is 1 examination JEE having 2 parts.

a)    JEE-Main

b)    JEE-Advanced

Entrance test will be conducted in the new format with objective-type questions.

JEE-MAIN tests shall be multiple choice objective type paper whereas the nature and modalities of the JEE-ADVANCED shall be determined by the Joint Admission Board of IITs.

IITs may adopt a multiple-choice formula for the advanced exam

A Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the undergraduate programmes in engineering would be conducted in two parts, JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED.
Both test, exams will be conducted on the same day.

JEE advanced exam will be completely administered by IITs with technical help from the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Class 12 board exam results will be taken into account.
Class 12 board exam marks will be given 50 per cent weightage.

The Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the IIT system would have complete control on matters such as paper setting, evaluation and preparation of the merit list, etc. over the JEE-ADVANCED and CBSE would provide the administrative support for conduct of the examination

Weightage of the Marks for the admission will be as follows

a)    there would be 40 percentage weightage for performance in Class XII (after normalization of marks)

b)    30 per cent weightage to performance in main

c)    30 per cent in the advanced test

There will be two rankings—one for IITs and one for other CFTIs.

What will be procedure in case of IIT admission?

In case of IITs, there would be a filtering process involved.

a)    The board results and the main test will be given 50 per cent weightage each.

b)    Only the top 50,000 students will be selected for the advance test after taking into account their performance in the board results and the main result.

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Michael May 30, 2012  

It sounds confusing, luckily I'm not applying to be an engineer :)

Raj,  May 30, 2012  

If i had already given my cbse class 12th 2012 board exam with 73% can i apply for iitjee 2013 exam without reappering class 12 exam.Pls reply..

Engineering Colleges May 31, 2012  

IIT has been so popular for Engineering Colleges and it is located in various cities and students are always geared up to go in these colleges.

SM June 09, 2012  


you can apply.

student,  August 04, 2012  

if i give my 12 boards in 2013 and if i dont crack IIT in 2013 would i be allowed to reappear for IIT in 2014 without giving 12th again in 2014??? PLZ REPLY

Paras Arora August 09, 2012  

can i apply for NIT college if i got 55% in 12 this year....and if i want to improve my percentage in 12th so can i do tht if i want to apply in NIT college next year?

Unknown October 31, 2012  

Hey I am from Nepal and is there any change in DASA scheme for admission?

john snow August 28, 2014  

Can i apply for IIT AND NIT being a nepali students...

Unknown April 05, 2015  

Which exam marks are included for nit admission

Unknown June 26, 2015  

u can get admission in nit on the basis of jee main rank

Sanjana Vartak March 19, 2016  

What mark are needed in 10 and 12th to get IIT institute

Unknown June 30, 2016  

Could I get admission in engineering colleges with appearing her mains and scoring good marks in case 12th board

Unknown June 30, 2016  

Could I get admission in engineering colleges with appearing her mains and scoring good marks in case 12th board

Anonymous,  July 11, 2016  

sir my name is jessie i have finished my 12th with 83 percentage and i have written jee mains 2016 and i did not qualify may i get admission in NIT college

Unknown April 13, 2018  

Can i get nit college with 12 marksheet only
Plese reloy