27 May 2012

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Delhi MCD corporators want a secretary to operate the new laptops Don’t know how to use laptops

Delhi MCD corporators want a secretary to operate the new laptops
Don’t know how to use laptops 

Delhi Corporators, Councilors get the free of cost  laptops.
They do not like to use the used laptops of other corporators so they require new laptops.

No problem with the new laptops.

If they do not know how to use laptop then government should not provide them a laptop.
They should learn the technology or do the work manually.

Computer training should be made compulsory for all the Corporators  
But Corporators will not agree to this,  so make them agree  the training should be provided in European nation of their choice and as many times as they want they be allowed to go their and learn the computers and law should clearly say that No certificate is required that they got training.

I am sure they will accept such compulsory training free of cost in Europe.

Politicians , Corporators , Councillors are the Gods of India 

now they have demanded with each new laptop they be give a computer help a secretary she will be paid salary of Rs.5000 each month.

Councillors say that
The Delhi government provides every MLA an operator who prepares their schedule and keeps them updated. Similarly, councillors should be given one. This way they will be able to address public grievances online."

Last year, a four-day workshop was held for councillors to teach them basic computer skills.
Of the 272 councillors, only 42 made it through the training.

This can happen only in corrupt nation, do not know how to use laptop and they want new laptops.

With new laptop a personal private secretary

That’s great free of cost

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Michael May 28, 2012  

Yeah they definitely need to learn how to use the technology, kind of ridiculous.